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Our business growth support professionals develop initiatives aimed at meeting business needs in the areas of hiring, marketing/exports and competiveness, focusing on innovation, financing and eco-efficiency. Our service offer is designed to enable businesses to achieve international competitiveness. Services include training/upgrading activities, support programs, foreign trade/recruitment missions, financing round tables and sector networking events.

Line LagacéVice-President – Business Growth and foreign investment(418) 681-9700 #248llagace@nullquebecinternational.ca

As Vice-President, Line coordinates a team of professionals responsible for supporting business growth. Drawing on her understanding of growth-related issues, she undertakes initiatives designed to meet companies' needs in the areas of hiring, marketing, exports, technology entrepreneurship, eco-efficiency and general competitiveness.


Holding an MBA as well as another master's degree and a bachelor's in law, Line has more than 20 years of experience in the areas of economic development, skills development and employability. In addition to her years in private legal practice, she has worked in various organizational development sectors.

Alexandra Masson Director – Innovation418-681-9700 #250amasson@nullquebecinternational.ca
Marie-Josée ChouinardDirector – Talent Attraction and International Students Retention(418) 681-9700 #235mjchouinard@nullquebecinternational.ca
Sébastien TanguayGeneral Manager – LE CAMP418 681-9700 poste 261stanguay@nullquebecinternational.ca
Margarita MottaDirector - Foreign Market Development418 681-9700 #229mmotta@nullquebecinternational.ca
Martine LessardAdvisor - Talent Attraction(418) 681-9700 #225mlessard@nullquebecinternational.ca
Janaina KamideAdvisor – Talent Attraction418 681-9700 #252jkamide@nullquebecinternational.ca
Catherine Plasse-FerlandAdvisor - Talent Attraction418 681-9700 #245CPlasseFerland@nullquebecinternational.ca
Sara TapiaAdvisor – Talent Attraction and International Students Retention418 681-9700 #252stapia@nullquebecinternational.ca
Guillaume BlanchardAdvisor – Technology Commercialization418-681-9700 #281gblanchard@nullquebecinternational.ca
Danielle BériauAdvisor - Foreign Market Development418 681-9700 #242dberiau@nullquebecinternational.ca
Sylvie LafondProject Manager – Foreign Market Development(418) 681-9700 #247slafond@nullquebecinternational.ca
Yves LemétayerProject Manager – Business Growth Support(418) 681-9700 #228ylemetayer@nullquebecinternational.ca
Paulina AravenaProject Manager - Talent Attraction418 681-9700 #265PAravena@nullquebecinternational.ca
Monique MunozProject Manager - Talent Attraction418 681-9700 #244MMunoz@nullquebecinternational.ca
Catherine LabergeAdvisor - Technology Entrepreneurship418 681-9700 #630catherine@nulllecampquebec.com
Sophie Fournier Administrative Assistant(418) 681-9700 #268sfournier@nullquebecinternational.ca
Léa HardyAdministrative Assistant418 681-9700 #658lea@nulllecampquebec.com
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