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Our sector cluster development and support professionals maintain constant and close ties with businesses and sector organizations. Each team member focuses on the development of a high-growth sector of the regional economy, such as the life sciences (biopharmaceuticals/diagnostics, medical products and equipment, natural health products, cosmeceuticals, medical technologies), food and nutrition, applied technologies (optics/photonics, geospace) and information technologies (software, interactive entertainment and digital arts, telehealth). Our specialists use their understanding of businesses' needs to provide them with the required support to carry out projects leveraging Quebec International's or its partners' service offer.

Yves NormandVice-President – Finance and Cluster Development418-681-9700 #249ynormand@nullquebecinternational.ca

As Vice-President, Yves works in concert with the business development directors on his team with a view to showcasing the region's key economic sectors. Born and raised in Quebec City, Yves holds a bachelor's degree in business administration from HEC Montreal and is a chartered professional accountant (CPA, CA).


Yves has more than 20 years of experience in the local and international financial sectors. He has acquired solid expertise working for high-growth global companies in the telecommunications, biopharmaceutical and consulting services industries. Prior to joining the sector business development team, he served as director of finance for Québec International.

Sandra HardyBusiness Development Director – Health Food and Nutrition, ACCORD Sector Director(418) 681-9700 #251shardy@nullquebecinternational.ca
Mariona FerrerBusiness Development Director – Software, Digital Arts and Interactive Entertainment, ACCORD Sector Director418-681-9700 #232mferrer@nullquebecinternational.ca
Jean-Michel GarroBusiness Development Director – Life Sciences(418) 681-9700 #243jmgarro@nullquebecinternational.ca
Justin MalletBusiness Development Director - Life Sciences418 681-9700 #276JMallet@nullquebecinternational.ca
Martin GougeonBusiness Development Director – Green and Smart Buildings, ACCORD Sector Director418-681-9700 #233mgougeon@nullquebecinternational.ca
Kevin PochonProject Manager - Cluster development and supportkpochon@nullquebecinternational.ca
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