Professionals dedicated to helping your business growProfessionals dedicated to helping your business grow
Ecoefficiency strategiesEcoefficiency strategies

Québec International helps you get the most from your investment in ecoefficiency

Do you want increased productivity, decreased production costs, improved energy efficiency, and increased competitiveness? Do you want to increase or maintain your visibility in international markets? Ecoefficiency can be a great source of opportunities for your company.

Québec International offers a variety of services, activities and access to a number of ecoefficiency resources.

Personalized consulting in ecoefficiency

With Québec International's ecoefficiency prediagnostic service, one of our professionals will go to your company to assess its potential for implementing an ecoefficiency strategy. You can identify ecoefficiency solutions for:

  • Improving your building's energy efficiency
  • Reducing the life cycle of consumption of raw materials, by analyzing the life cycle of your products
  • Improving industrial processes
  • Choosing clean technologies

Ecoefficiency referral and information

Québec's International's ecoefficiency referral and information service will help you define and implement an ecoefficient management strategy for your company. You get access to resources and specialists that can turn ecoefficiency into a profitable investment.

Professional development and coaching

Corporate executives know that management and employee knowledge is the most valuable capital. Québec International offers professional development programs in high-level ecoefficiency. These include business coaching and mentoring components related to ecoefficiency initiatives: industrial processes, energy efficiency, packaging, analysis of product life cycle, etc.

More information

This section provides you with useful information on how to support your ecoefficiency initiatives. View our:

  • Ecoefficiency news
  • Ecoefficiency resources
  • Ecoefficiency activities
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