Invest in Quebec City, a place like no otherInvest in Quebec City, a place like no other
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An ideal innovation and R&D platform

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R&D expenditures as a percentage of GDP

Public and private expenditures Sample of 16 North American and European metropolitan regions, 2012


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Ranked among the world’s Top 7 smart cities in 2012, Quebec City has proven itself by developing numerous innovation platforms and synergies between the research sector and its dynamic and creative entrepreneurial community.

Companies find in Quebec City an excellent environment for creating, developing and optimizing their production processes or service offers. Characterized by innovation and know-how, the region is home to more than 6,000 researchers and associates. With 400 labs, groups, consortiums, institutes and research centres, the region has one of the highest concentrations of research facilities in Canada.

Quebec City R&D champion

As a percentage of GDP and compared with similar-sized metropolitan regions, Quebec City ranks second (after Boston) for private and public R&D expenditures.

R&D credits and assistance

The Quebec City region benefits from generous research and development (R&D) tax credits issued by the Canadian and Quebec governments. Indeed, among the Canadian provinces, Quebec is the most generous towards small Canadian-controlled corporations (their combined provincial/federal tax credits work out to 60%). And for combined tax credits for large publicly held corporations and foreigncontrolled corporations, Quebec ranks second after Manitoba with a rate of 34%, one of the most generous R&D tax incentive schemes in North America. Quebec also offers additional tax credits to foreign researchers and experts, who may be eligible for a tax break of up to 100% of their taxable income.

Québec City’s Laval University
is among the TOP 7
post-secondary institutions
in Canada
in terms of academic
research activity


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