Québec City, a place like no otherQuébec City, a place like no other

An unbeatable quality of life

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Quebec City was named
the #1 tourist destination in Canada
and #6 in the world
by Condé Nast Traveller Magazine

Cost of living index

Sample of 16 North American and European metropolitan regions, 2012 Cost of Living in Quebec City

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It’s no surprise that Quebec City was ranked among fDi Magazine’s Top 10 “American Cities of the Future”* for its quality of life.

The Quebec City region has all of the advantages of a major urban area while remaining in harmony with its spectacular natural environment.

Quebec City is an outstanding place to do business, but it’s also organized on a human scale, making it a great place to live! That’s why the region continues to attract a growing number of companies seeking to secure the loyalty of a mobile workforce that is increasingly attuned to environmental and quality of life issues.

The Quebec City metropolitan region has one of the lowest costs of living among cities of a similar size.

Residents enjoy free access to quality healthcare and education. They also benefit from a social safety net superior to most other North American regions, as well as reasonably priced rental housing, affordable real estate and some of the lowest electricity rates. Postsecondary education is also more accessible due to the fact that university tuition fees are among the lowest in North America.

A green city on the move...

The region is bordered by forests that cover more than 55% of its territory. Rivers and streams wind their way through the city, which is dotted with parks, green spaces, urban forests and tree-lined streets. A great place for biking, jogging, rollerblading and walking, the metropolitan region offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities without having to leave the city. The St. Charles River Park features a 32-km-long path along the river, running through the heart of the city. In addition, the Samuel de Champlain Promenade occupies a 2.5 km section of the St. Lawrence River’s North Shore. Inaugurated in 2008, the Promenade has received numerous architectural and urban design awards, including the Chicago Athenaeum International Award for Architecture.

...Perfect for recreation

The Quebec City region also moves to the rhythm of a wealth of sports and cultural events. There’s no way you could ever get bored! A Canadian cultural hotspot, Quebec City boasts museums, contemporary and symphonic music ensembles, concert halls, theatres, festivals and major international cultural events.

Quebec City is known for its world-famous dining establishments. Celebrity chefs have opened restaurants and bistros featuring inventive and delectable dishes.

With its university football club, baseball and hockey teams, as well as interna tional biking, skiing and extreme skating competitions, Quebec City is also a place of action where the spotlight is focused on summer as well as winter sports. Quebec City’s vitality is so contagious that people come from the four corners of the globe to celebrate every season of the year!
Quebec City offers a winning combination of european and north american cultural influences. the local lifestyle and architecture recall the region’s past as a french and british colony.

A strategic military base for more than three hundred years, Quebec City is the only urban area in North America with authentic fortifications. The historic Old Town was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Attracting thousands of visitors each year, Quebec City was named the #1 tourist destination in Canada and #6 in the world by Condé Nast Traveller Magazine.

* among similar-sized cities in 2011-2012.

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