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Quebec City region: #1 in Canada in July for job creation (+3,800)

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  • The Quebec City census metropolitan area (CMA) led the Canadian field in job creation, adding 3,800 positions from June to July.
  • The region posted a total of 429,400 jobs in July, ending a three-month decline.
  • The workforce expansion (+1.2%) outpaced the increase in the employment rate (+0.9%). As a result, unemployment rose from 5.4% in June to 5.7% in July, still one of the lowest rates in Canada.
  • In the province of Quebec, the labour market shed 13,400 jobs from June to July, although unemployment held steady at 8.1%.


The Quebec City CMA turned in a stellar performance in July, creating more jobs than any other region in Canada, or 3,800 more than the previous month, outpacing Ottawa (+3,400) and Calgary (+3,000). In addition, after the region posted a total of 429,400 jobs last month, the April-to-June slowdown appears to be a thing of the past.

The local labour market benefited from an improved hiring outlook in the services sector last month, with the production services and consumer components being the most active. Although the services sector as a whole has been up and down since the beginning of the year, its contribution remains considerable as it accounts for over 86% of the region's jobs. Spurred on by the US recovery and efforts to develop new international markets, the manufacturing sector also offers bright prospects for job seekers. In the construction industry, however, there are fewer new positions due to the residential market slowdown.

The robust performance in July serves as a reminder that the demand for labour remains high and diversified in the Quebec City region. New job seekers are also being attracted: the workforce expanded in July, boosting unemployment to 5.7%. In addition, Emploi-Québec recently announced that the Quebec City metropolitan area will need to fill 74,400 jobs (new positions plus retiree replacements) by 2017.

Louis Gagnon
Senior Economist
Québec International

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