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Quebec City Region: unemployment holds steady at 4.9% in September

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  • Unemployment stood at 4.9% in the Quebec City census metropolitan area (CMA) in September for the second month in a row. This was the lowest level among the top 8 CMAs in Canada.
  • The region posted a historically high number of jobs (445,000), down slightly from August (-300).
  • For the first nine months of the year (January-September), Quebec City's performance is positive, with a gain of 5,000 jobs compared with the same period in 2014.
  • Across the province of Quebec, the labour market added 11,100 jobs from August to September as unemployment dipped to 7.7%, down 0.3 points.


Once again, Statistics Canada's figures indicate how dynamic Quebec City's labour market is. In September, regional unemployment stood at 4.9%, for the second consecutive month—the lowest rate among the top 8 CMAs in Canada. Although the number dropped slightly from August to September (-300), Quebec City still has a historically high level of jobs (445,000 in September). After the first nine months of 2015, the region is up 5,000 jobs compared with the same period in 2014.

All sectors have contributed to employment growth in Quebec City since January. Taken together, manufacturing and construction have 1,000 to 2,000 more jobs than they did after the first nine months of 2014. The service sector's performance has been similar although offset by the fact that some employers are still in transition mode as they absorb significant gains from early in the year. The creation of both full-time and part-time jobs has been on the upswing.

The labour market's performance since January has set the stage for a favourable autumn in Quebec City. However, the regional pool of qualified workers remains limited. A new campaign launched today ( is designed to attract Quebecers as well as francophones from outside the province/country with a view to supporting business growth and regional economic development.

Louis Gagnon
Senior Economist
Québec International

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