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Health foodsHealth foods

Health food: the star of the processing industry in Quebec City's metropolitan region

Key figures

41 companies
1540 jobs
$420 CDN millions in sales
1 research centre
65 researchers

Data compiled for the Quebec City metropolitan region

The potential market for health food or functional food should reach CDN $3 billion in Canada by 2012. Québec alone represents more than 19% of Canada's functional food. With annual growth expected between 6% to 8%, the nearby American market offers plentiful opportunities.

Innovative Leaders and SME's

  • Biscuits Leclerc - health foods with no trans fats
  • Fromagerie Bergeron - fine cheese
  • Fumoir Grizzly - smoked fish
  • Maison Bergevin - sweetened dried fruits, pure, powdered and concentrated juices
  • Maison Orphée - oils, mustards and vinegars
  • Nutra Canada - dried fruit and vegetable extracts
  • Soylutions - beverages derived from soy or basmati rice
  • Viande du Breton - organic pork products

State-of-the-art research

A unique Canadian research centre, the Institute of Nutrition and Functional Foods (INAF) is located in the heart of Quebec City's metropolitan region. Biochemists, nutritional engineers, nutritionists, doctors and pharmacologists conduct research in food and nutrition as well as in disease prevention and the effects of aging. This state-of-the-art research centre brings companies to the forefront of new markets and consumer trends by developing new health foods suitable for both gourmets and global consumers.

Invest in a favourable business environment

The member companies of the Quebec City Health Food Consortium foster the development, production, processing and marketing of new health foods.

According to KPMG's 2010 study, Competitive Alternatives, the food processing sector of Quebec City's metropolitan region ranks first. The region's companies benefit from a 3% advantage in start-up and operational costs.

The Quebec City metropolitan region has a lot to offer. To find out more, read our brochure Invest in the Quebec City metropolitan region or the Choose Québec section to learn more :

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