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Food processing Food processing

The food processing industry: a major asset to the Québec City metropolitan region

Key figures

130 companies
5,700 jobs
$1.13 CDN billion in sales
8.5% Annual growth rate
13 research chairs, trusts, institutes and centers
290 researchers

Data compiled for the Québec City metropolitan region

With renowned leaders, creative entrepreneurs and products with high added value, the food processing industry in Québec is a mecca for gastronomy and a leader in current market trends.

Industry leaders

Prominent Canadian companies in various areas of food processing are located in the Québec City metropolitan region:

  • Baked goods: Biscuits Leclerc and Multi-Marques
  • Snack foods and jams/preserves: Aliments Krispy Kernels and Frito Lay
  • Dairy product manufacturing: Agropur
  • Meat processing: Charcuterie La Tour Eiffel, Exceldor, Olymel and Sanimax

Besides major industrial groups, the region also hosts medium-sized food processing companies that occupy important market niches:

  • Pickled, dried, frozen and preserved fruits and vegetables: La Maison Bergevin
  • Alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages: Labatt Breweries and Pepsi
  • Prepared foods: Aliments Martel (Canada Bread)

Research centers specialized in food processing are driving innovation in the Québec City metropolitan region

A favourable business environment

The Québec City metropolitan has a sizeable pool of potential workers in food processing. Over 3200 of the 5700 workers in this sector have diplomas, with 46 % holding university degrees and 54 % holding a technical degree.

According to KPMG's 2010 study, Competitive Alternatives, the food-processing sector of Québec City's metropolitan region is ranked at the top; the region's companies benefit from a 3 % advantage in start-up and operational costs.

 Agrifood processing - Fact sheet

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Agrifood processing - Fact sheet

Beverages, health drinks, bakery, pastry, organic fruits, organic vegetables, oils, candy, chocolate, snacks, fish, dairy products, gourmet cheeses, meats, deli meats, organic pork

Portrait of these industries in the Quebec City Region. Produced by Québec International.

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