The construction industry’s niche of the futureThe construction industry’s niche of the future
The Green and Smart Building NetworkThe Green and Smart Building Network

Main focuses of the GSBN

Business development

The Network fosters the establishment of profitable business relation­ships between its members and with other companies operating in the same markets by creating consortiums and organizing regional and international networking activities.

The Network also facilitates business development by:

  • Defining a regional offer of distinctive products and services.
  • Promoting this offer to real estate developers, building designers and potential business partners, primarily by distributing promotional documents and participating in sector events.

Improving expertise

The Network initiates projects and activities meeting members' needs in the following areas:

  • Providing information of market trends and opportunities.
  • Training on best business practices.
  • Certification.
  • Technology and knowledge transfers/upgrading.
  • New product development.
  • Project financing.
  • Marketing support.

Regional positioning

To facilitate the mobilization and business development of its members, the Network undertakes initiatives aimed at:

  • Supporting the region's positioning in terms of sustainable urban development.
  • Harnessing the expertise of innovative building project designers.
  • Promoting the building sector's unique offer (materials, products and technologies).

Main activities

  • trade and exploratory missions.
  • identifying commercial, technological and financial partners.
  • training /networking activities.
  • joint development agreements.
  • promotional campaigns.


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