The construction industry’s niche of the futureThe construction industry’s niche of the future
Green and smart buildingGreen and smart building

The various expertise of the companies in the sector put to contribution in the region and elsewhere

Energy performance

The Quebec City metropolitan region is home to major manufacturers of conventional and prefabricated curtain walls. Made from aluminum and wood, the products marketed by Epsylon Concept, Gamma Industries and IC2 Technologies offer optimal thermal performance and the best energy efficiency available on the market

Benefits of wood

Wood-based construction is growing in popularity throughout the Quebec City region. This should come as no surprise in light of the fact that wood is one of Quebec's most important natural resources; the use of wood is also helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Across a wide range of projects (concert halls, sports stadiums, university buildings, commercial buildings and office buildings), developers are tapping into the region's homegrown R&D, engineering, architectural and construction expertise to reap the benefits of wood's unique characteristics (e.g. beauty, resilience, CO2 capture capacity, low thermal conductivity and insulating properties). All of these qualities are desirable from a sustainable development perspective.

Engineering prowess

Setting a new standard of excellence, a number of wood-based construction projects have gone on to acquire pathfinder status. One prime example is the Fondaction CSN building in Quebec City, a six-storey wooden structure and the first of its kind in North America. This building has been awarded several distinctions, including a US Forest Stewardship Council Award in 2010.

Combining intelligence and efficiency

Building energy efficiency is a major concern. In the Quebec City region, a number of prominent companies operating in the fields of intelligent buildings, energy consumption control, heating and lighting have developed innovative systems meeting increasingly stringent market requirements. Leading companies such as Cristal Controls, Gentec, Regulvar and Sara-Tech are designing and/or installing integrated and open-ended building automation solutions aimed at optimizing building performance and enhancing occupants' comfort and security.

Prefabricated and sustainable

The Quebec City region's unique regional expertise stems in part from the presence of several major manufacturers of industrialized building systems. Prefabricated buildings, modules, frames and walls help to reduce costs and construction times while improving quality, sustainability, energy performance and environmental footprints. One example is Modulex International, founded in 1965, which makes factory-built panelized walls and roof trusses used in the construction of environmentally friendly buildings in more than 25 countries.

Innovative projects

Committed to sustainable land use development, regional municipalities have undertaken a number of large-scale projects reflecting regional expertise (e.g. Quebec City's green neighbourhoods and Innoparc in Lévis). Various other major initiatives and projects are also poised to transform the regional landscape, including GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals' administrative building, La Capitale's new headquarters, the Promutuel and Delta 3 buildings, the Cité Verte complex, the new campus Desjardins building in Lévis and the recreational/ tourism project known as Le Massif.

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