Using innovation as a powerful growth driverUsing innovation as a powerful growth driver

Geospatial industry in the Quebec City region: a unique innovation ecosystem

Key figures

30 companies
10 research groups and chairs
800 jobs, with 130 in research alone
$80 CDN million in sales figures

Data compiled for the Québec City metropolitan region

*The region’s geospatial companies and research facilities are all concentrated within a 15-km radius.

The geospatial technology market is booming. In addition to playing an active role in this dramatic growth, companies in the Quebec City region are developing new technologies and approaches that are revolutionizing various spheres of activity.

Thanks to collaboration between regional companies specializing in geospatial solutions, software, databases and telecommunications, as well as with contractors, Quebec City has become a unique point of convergence for these technologies. High-level research facilities are fuelling the momentum that sets the region apart from other similar industrial clusters around the world.

Multi-use geospatial technologies

The technologies developed by companies in the Quebec City region have been embraced by many fields. They are used to measure, visualize and analyze geographical land areas for the purposes of undersea mapping, forest management, emergency measures, land management, defence, security and much more.

The evolution of geospatial technologies has transformed traditional maps into powerful digital databases. Aerial photography, combined with 3D mobile map imaging and digital data, can provide a wealth of information for analyzing various phenomena; it is also used for land management, infrastructure management and transportation applications. In addition, this information serves to optimize the transportation of people and goods and is indispensable for civil defence and emergency preparedness.

The explosion of mobile platforms providing Internet access has paved the way for new marketing tools. For instance, georeferenced data can help companies evaluate potential markets. Applications that make use of geolocation data also enhance the process of mobile Internet navigation. Thanks to mobile applications, users can receive special offers and personalized information based on their physical location.

In the defence sector, the production of operational maps is facilitated by transforming complex data into straightforward information. This form of tactical intelligence supports critical functions such as border control, coastal surveillance and collaborative planning systems.

World leaders or young companies: all innovative and present in Quebec City

Major research centers in geospatial

Examples of geospatial technology innovations developed in the Quebec City metropolitan region

  • Korem Mapping Studio (KMS), developed by Korem, is an accessible, user-friendly solution that facilitates the design and deployment of mapping applications on the Internet, as well as on intranets or extranets.
  • The interactive map of Quebec City developed by ESRI Canada offers an aerial view of the urban area. Multiple data layers and points can be added based on user-selected parameters. (site in french only)
  • RTC Mobile, developed by Aragosoft, is a mobile application for public transit users in Quebec City. It is used to consult schedules, view and store routes and stops. The geolocation feature can also be used to conduct searches.
  • The Quebec 511 portal, developed by Fujitsu in collaboration with the Quebec Transportation Department (MTQ), allows road users to make travel plans online or using a smartphone. Road conditions, construction work, accidents and other types of official information are all accessible.
  • The Quebec City Summer Festival mobile application, developed by Nebbio, uses geolocation to identify shows underway on various festival stages. In addition to offering multimedia excerpts from artists’ works, it can be used to create a list of favourite performances for sharing on Facebook. (site in french only)

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Geospatial - Quebec City, leading the way

Portrait of the geospatial industry in the Quebec City Region.

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