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Multimedia development in the Québec City metropolitan region: A thriving sector

Key figures

2nd industry hub in Québec
104 companies
2,500 employees
230 CDN million in sales figures
10 research groups and chairs
25,500 graduates within the sector

Data compiled for the Québec City metropolitan region

Multimedia expertise of every type

From cell phones to IMAX, development of quality multiple-display, multi-platform or multiplayer content is what drives Québec City's masters in entertainment arts. Animation, special effects, video, game design, 3D, arts management, programming, stereoscopy, television, cinema, virtual reality or augmented reality-nothing is beyond their scope.

Innovative multimedia creation in Québec City's metropolitan region

Dynamic studios in the Québec City metropolitan region develop original content and collaborate on video games based on box office hits:

  • Interactive entertainment: Beenox, Frima Studio, Sarbakan and Ubisoft,
  • Digital arts: Ex Machina, producer of the Image Mill, the largest outdoor architectural projection in the world, screened on grain silos at the Port of Québec.

These five major industry players make up 76% of the total jobs in multimedia and 84% of sales.

Multimedia success stories in the Québec City metropolitan region

Blockbusters made in Québec city count tens of millions of fans for their video games worldwide: Build a Bear Ville, Combat of Giants, Football U, G.I. Joe, Grey's Anatomy, Guitar Hero, James Bond, Littlest Pet Shop, Pirates of the Caribbean, Prince of Persia, Spider Man, Star Wars, The Incredibles, etc.

A favourable business environment

The Québec City metropolitan region has emerged as a major player in the Canadian video game industry, with Ubisoft or Beenox studios, affiliated with publishing giants, and Frima Studio, Québec's premier multiplatform game developer. Between 2004 and 2009, growth in revenues exceeded 3000%!

The former National Institute of Digital Entertainment (ENDI) was conceived by and for certified professionals in the field. As a springboard to employment in the industry, the Institute differed from other educational institutions by allowing its students to work on multiplatform game development projects.

At Collège Bart, students learn 3D animation with training courses and internships-using the magic of live videoconferencing from Hollywood.

Multimedia brochure

For more information

Multimedia Creation - Quebec City, leading the way

Portrait of the digital arts and interactive entertainment industry in the Quebec City Region.

Produced by Québec International.

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