A creative and skilled industryA creative and skilled industry

Technological innovation and competiveness in the optics-photonics industry in the Québec City metropolitan region

Key figures

52 companies
19 research centers, chairs, groups and laboratories
3,125 direct jobs
1,235 indirect jobs
$687 CDN million in sales figures

Data compiled for the Québec City metropolitan region

The booming optics-photonics industry in the Québec City metropolitan region is worth tens of billions of dollars. The region combines science expertise and innovation to create a hub for this growing industry sector.

Optic-photonic technologies: meeting market needs

Regional companies offer a wealth of products geared towards the automation market. These technologies are utilized in various industries for detection, quality control, monitoring, design and imaging purposes.

The development of the regional photonics sector has generated numerous applications in the biomedical market, with products utilized for temperature and pressure monitoring, medical imaging, skin treatments and epilation (hair removal). Other devices under development have strong potential, particularly for real-time diagnostic and imaging platforms.

Also playing an important role are the public safety, defence and emergency measures markets. Regional expertise encompasses high-resolution infrared cameras, specialized laser systems, ultralight thermal sights, active infrared countermeasure systems, long-range night vision systems, virtual 3D environments, laser remote detection and range finding.

Green photonics markets have led to technological developments used in the detection and monitoring of gases and other pollutants, solvent-free chemical analysis, device energy optimization, wind turbine/solar panel performance improvements and traffic measurement/management.

Innovative leaders and SME's in optics-photonics

Key research centers in optics/photonics


Some of the innovations in optics/photonics developed in the Québec City metropolitan region:

Special effects of for dozens of movies (Pirates of the Caribbean, X-Men, Harry Potter III) were brought to life with Creaform's halogen light scanners and 3D software

optics-photonics brochure

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Optics / photonics - Quebec City, leading the way

Portrait of the optics and photonics industries in the Quebec City Region.

Produced by Québec International.

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