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Québec International and the people of Quebec City stand in solidarity with the local Muslim community

Press releases - Québec International would like to take this opportunity to express its solidarity with all of Quebec City's Muslim community in the wake of last night's tragic events at the local Islamic cultural centre (Centre culturel islamique de Québec).

EXFO Launches Agile and Revolutionary Lab Solution

News - EXFO announced today the launch of its revolutionary new lab solution, the LTB-8 Rackmount Platform, the FTBx-88200NGE Power Blazer 100G Multiservice Test Module, and the industry's unique web-based multi-user interface, EXFO Multilink.

CorActive Welcomes New Director of Sales

News - CorActive High-Tech Inc., a manufacturer and provider of advanced Specialty Optical Fiber (SOF) products and OEM laser modules based in Quebec City, Canada is proud to announce it has appointed Erick Pelletier as the company’s Director of Sales. Mr. Pelletier will oversee the overall sales operation of CorActive worldwide and will be responsible of the business development for the OEM laser modules product line.

EXFO Brings a QUAD OTDR to Its MaxTester Handheld Solution for Data Center and Enterprise Testing

News - EXFO announced today the introduction of the MAX-720C QUAD as part of its newly launched C-Series OTDR/iOLM, which elevates the expected testing performances in fault finding of data center and enterprise networks. With industry-leading specifications and performance levels on singlemode and multimode fiber networks, this new QUAD OTDR/iOLM brings unprecedented quality of results, Go/No-go results, and automated fault-finding capabilities that minimize network downtime.

EXFO Revamps Entire OTDR and iOLM Product Line

News - EXFO today announced the introduction of the C-Series OTDR to provide the highest requirements for characterizing fiber optic cables and ensure first-time-right deployments. Since the quality of OTDRs has a direct impact on network efficiency, the new OTDR portfolio brings unprecedented quality of results, innovative features, and new configurations that suits every application. This new series caters to the growing and evolving commercial services needs of operators worldwide.

TeraXion's High-Speed Photonics Components Division is Acquired by Ciena

News - TeraXion and Ciena announced today that they have entered into a definitive agreement where Ciena will acquire TeraXion's High-Speed Photonics Components (HSPC) assets for approximately $CA 46.6 million (USD $32 million) in cash.

Leddar Technology Takes Off in the Drone Market: New Sensing Offering Gets Strong Response from UAV Manufacturers

News - LeddarTech is pleased to announce that its patented Leddar technology has been selected and deployed for use in drone navigation applications, answering unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) manufacturers' need to provide precise detection and ranging with an optimized cost-performance ratio.

Leddar Technology Enables Affordable Automotive-Grade Lidars in Headlamps and Rear Lamps for ADAS Applications

News - LeddarTech is demonstrating how Leddar detection and ranging technology can be integrated into standard automotive components such as headlamps, rear lamps, or side view mirrors, to enable the development and deployment of highly-optimized ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) sensing solutions.

Telops: A New Technology Allows to Visualise Methane Emissions as They Happen

News - Telops, a company based in Quebec (Canada) and specialized in the design and production of infrared and hyperspectral infrared cameras, has developed a camera that is able to accurately detect minute methane leaks and emissions and film them in real time.

EXFO's FIP-435B Fully Automated Wireless Inspection Probe Awarded Four Diamonds by the 2015 Diamond Technology Reviews

News - EXFO Inc. announced that its fully automated FIP-435B Wireless Fiber Inspection Probe earned a score of 4.0 by the panel of the 2015 Diamond Technology Review program, a score reserved to excellent products with technical features and performance that provide clear and substantial benefits.


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