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Quebec City rising

News - For a long time, Quebec has inspired jealous rivals around the world for its generous tax breaks. But how are those incentives actually being put to use in Quebec City? Develop investigates the small but tightly-knit community.

PetalMD Acquires Medago, Enters the e-Prescription Market

News - PetalMD, Canada’s largest network of physicians, announces the acquisition of Montreal-based Medago. As part of PetalMD’s commitment to serve its growing community of physicians, specialists, and medical staff, this acquisition will include the pharmacist – closing the primary care circle.

TeraXion's High-Speed Photonics Components Division is Acquired by Ciena

News - TeraXion and Ciena announced today that they have entered into a definitive agreement where Ciena will acquire TeraXion's High-Speed Photonics Components (HSPC) assets for approximately $CA 46.6 million (USD $32 million) in cash.

Genius Manufacturing ERP V8 is set to be released and boasts several new features that culminate to form a quality, fully integrated software solutions for custom manufacturers

News - Genius Solutions is gearing up for the launch of the newest version of their successful ERP solutions software – Genius Manufacturing ERP V8. The innovative enterprise resource planning system ensures that custom manufacturers receive a complete, fully integrated and quality system.

Leddar Technology Takes Off in the Drone Market: New Sensing Offering Gets Strong Response from UAV Manufacturers

News - LeddarTech is pleased to announce that its patented Leddar technology has been selected and deployed for use in drone navigation applications, answering unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) manufacturers' need to provide precise detection and ranging with an optimized cost-performance ratio.

Leddar Technology Enables Affordable Automotive-Grade Lidars in Headlamps and Rear Lamps for ADAS Applications

News - LeddarTech is demonstrating how Leddar detection and ranging technology can be integrated into standard automotive components such as headlamps, rear lamps, or side view mirrors, to enable the development and deployment of highly-optimized ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) sensing solutions.

Telops: A New Technology Allows to Visualise Methane Emissions as They Happen

News - Telops, a company based in Quebec (Canada) and specialized in the design and production of infrared and hyperspectral infrared cameras, has developed a camera that is able to accurately detect minute methane leaks and emissions and film them in real time.

Fated Names First Episode, Formats Confirmed

News - It’s been a while since virtual reality (VR) fans have heard from Frima Studio and its upcoming first-person action-adventure title, Fated. The videogame was first announced earlier in 2015 with the developer suggesting that it hoped to bring it to both the Oculus Rift head-mounted display (HMD) on PC and the PlayStation VR HMD on PlayStation 4. Today, however, Frima Studio is able to officially confirm which platforms the episodic series will be appearing on, and has also announced the title of the first entry.

EXFO's FIP-435B Fully Automated Wireless Inspection Probe Awarded Four Diamonds by the 2015 Diamond Technology Reviews

News - EXFO Inc. announced that its fully automated FIP-435B Wireless Fiber Inspection Probe earned a score of 4.0 by the panel of the 2015 Diamond Technology Review program, a score reserved to excellent products with technical features and performance that provide clear and substantial benefits.

Licence to thrill: Behind the scenes at Beenox

News - It may not be Activision’s most well-know studio, but Beenox has worked on the publisher’s most important franchises. Founded in 2000 in Quebec City, Canada, Beenox became known as a reliable porting house for game developers. The studio was bought by Activision in 2005, and until last year it largely worked on famous licences, including Bee Movie, multiple Spider-Man games and Monsters vs. Aliens. It’s also a key QA house for the firm.


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