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A formative project for companies in telehealth and clinical mobility

Québec International supports projects for developing niches of excellence within the regional economy. The agency supports the Québec Government's ACCORD initiative (Action concertée de coopération régionale de développement). Québec International is the designated coordinator for this initiative in the Québec City metropolitan region.

The Telehealth and Clinical Mobility Consortium emerged from this initiative. Taking its cue from the dynamic medical technologies industry, it includes companies from the Québec City metropolitan region that offer products and innovative solutions to reduce costs and improve access to care.

A technological demonstration project in clinical efficiency is currently in progress in the Québec Health Network.

The leaders of the Telehealth and Clinical Mobility Consortium

  • Fujitsu
  • Domédic
  • Asentri
  • Hospitalis Solutions
  • Mirego
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