State-of-the-art expertise and knowledgeState-of-the-art expertise and knowledge
Medical technologiesMedical technologies

Skills and expertise in medical technologies and health information

Key figures

83 companies
2,220 employees, with 
530 estimated jobs in research
$700 CDN million estimated in revenues

Data compiled for the Québec City metropolitan region

Companies in the Québec City metropolitan region are recognized for their creativity and sense of innovation. Both leaders and SMEs (small- and medium-sized businesses) have an enviable stake in this area:

    Industry innovations in health care

    Companies in the region know that innovation is what stimulates growth. They are never afraid to stir up the market with new ideas:

    • GPS assisted electronic tracking bracelets
    • Online medical consultation platform
    • Motorized prostheses and ortheses

    A concentration of specialized researchers in optics/photonics has flourished in the Québec City metropolitan region, specifically the National Optics Institute (INO). A number of applications have been proven on the market and in the industry:

    • Assembly and characterization of reflective microscope objectives
    • BioMimic optical phantoms
    • Laser mammography
    • Molecular optical imaging
    • Oximetry monitoring in photodynamic therapy for dosimetry

    Also consult the The Telehealth and Clinical Mobility Consortium page.

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