Québec International, corporation de développement économique pour la région de QuébecQuébec International, corporation de développement économique pour la région de Québec


GoD Factory: Wingmen is out!

News - The title says it all. After years of work, we’re finally releasing the game on the market. Here’s what Steam’S front page looks like at the moment.

Building on Opportunities – Sylvain Parent on Bringing Top Entertainment to Québec

News - Calling in from a cultural festival in Toulon, France, Sylvain Parent’s voice shows slight signs of exhaustion, but the energy behind it is undeniably real. As president of QuébéComm, the company behind many of the region’s top shows and entertainment, he and his team have busily been promoting Québec’s Grand Rire festival and its top-billed star Jerry Seinfeld for months. He took time out to speak with us about what it takes, exactly, to bring world class talent to our city.

New video game Kôna puts northern Quebec in spotlight

News - Kôna is unlike most other video games on the market. Set in the barren, frozen landscape of northern Quebec in the 1970s, the survival-adventure game involves the local Cree community and a mine built on sacred land.

3Macs and Desjardins Securities announce acquisition completion

News - Following their agreement announcement on June 18, 2014, 3Macs has completed their acquisition of three Ontario branches of Desjardins Securities. The two firms will continue to work together to grow their businesses.

Desjardins General Insurance Group reports increase for second quarter

News - Desjardins General Insurance Group (DGIG), a Desjardins Group subsidiary specializing in property and casualty insurance, recorded a net income of $49.4 million for the quarter ended June 30, up 16.2% from the corresponding period in 2013.

4Degrees: The First And Only Data Centre In The Quebec City Region To Achieve Tier III Certification

News - 4Degrees, the company behind the new high-technology and eco-friendly data center is proud to announce that Uptime Institute, the international reference in the data center field, awarded 4Degrees their coveted Tier III certification.

EXFO Launches Real-Time Network Performance Monitoring Solution

News - EXFO Inc. today unveiled EXFO Xtract, a comprehensive monitoring platform using a combination of patented software engines to collect, analyze, correlate and report on real-time, historical, and predicted events in the network. This solution offers complete visibility of network infrastructure performance through a distributed polling system with the ability to monitor millions of elements in real time.

Distinguished lectures at Neomed Institute

News - Dr. Moira Gunn, Host of BioTech Nation, a regular interview segment on Tech Nation and Director of the Business of Biotechnology Program at the University of San Francisco will present "The Shifting Value Proposition of Global Bio-Business" on September 12, 2014 at 3:00 pm.

All of the credit rating agencies have confirmed Québec's credit rating

News - Minister of Finance Carlos Leitão is satisfied with the decisions announced in recent weeks by the five credit rating agencies that attribute a rating to Québec. "All of the agencies, without exception, have confirmed Québec's credit rating and outlook. They have confirmed the seriousness of our government's plan and the relevance of the initiatives that we promptly adopted when we took power to restore order to public finances and to boost economic recovery," the Minister of Finance noted.

Cominar inks deal to buy Ivanhoe Cambridge shopping centre, office portfolio for $1.53-billion

News - Cominar Real Estate Investment Trust has signed a deal to buy a portfolio of 15 properties including shopping centres, office buildings and an industrial park in Quebec and Ontario from Ivanhoe Cambridge for $1.53 billion.


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