Unimed will Exhibit at the International Summit of Cooperatives

News - Unimed Seguros, who operates in Brazil, is a cooperative insurance organization from the Brazilian Unimed System. It is active in 5 segments: health insurance, life insurance, private pension plans, dental care and basic treatments. In 2013, revenue reached $ 1.5 billion.

TORNGATS Services Techniques Inc. receives support from Government of Canada

News - TORNGATS Services Techniques Inc. offers specialized services in the field of materials inspection, mainly through non-destructive examination (NDE) and welding inspection, to ensure the quality and safety of a variety of infrastructure, including pressure equipment in refineries, grinders for the mining sector, and aircraft parts.

Leclerc Foods USA expanding with a new facility in Phoenix

News - Leclerc Foods USA, a North American leader in the cookie, snack bar and cracker industry, is pleased to announce the acquisition of a 166,500-square-foot building in the Freeport Business Center for expansion of its food manufacturing operations inPhoenix, Arizona.

Space for Life Architecture Competition - Three Major Projects for Montréal's 375th Anniversary in 2017

News - A competition of this calibre requires a jury of highly qualified figures from the world of architecture and design, along with experts in biophilic design and sustainable development. Its members include William G. Reed, a sustainable development consultant, Integrative Design Collaborative and Regenesis (United States); Jean Beaudoin, architect, Intégral Jean Beaudoin (Quebec); Édouard François, architect, Maison Édouard François (France); Mario Cucinella, architect, Mario Cucinella Architects SRL (Italy); Normand Hudon, architect, Coarchitecture (Quebec);

Novik Shareholders approve arrangement with Clearview Capital

News - Novik is pleased to annouce that its holders of common shares have approved, during today's special meeting of Shareholders, the resolution authorizing the previously announced plan of arrangement involving Novik, Clearview Capital Fund III, LP and 9293-3985 Québec Inc.

Frima: Cosmocamp heading to television!

News - Frima Studio, Canada’s largest independently owned game developer, announced that it will partner with Kids’ CBC to develop a television adaptation of its popular mobile app, CosmoCamp. The animated series, set in space, follows the adventures of bears, Migo and Pandy, as they explore the galaxy with one goal in mind: bringing justice and happiness to all!

The Québec Entrepreneurship Contest presents the Successful Business Inc. Prize

News - The Québec Entrepreneurship Contest is proud to announce the creation of the "Successful Business Inc. Prize," which has been made possible by a generous financial contribution from the Ministère des Finances et de l'Économie. In all, $195 000 in prizes will be awarded in the 16th edition of the Contest. There will be prizes of $10 000 in each of Québec's 17 regions and a prize of $25 000 at the provincial level for the grand prize winner selected from among the regional winners.

LeddarTech succeeds in penetrating the Automotive Industry with Its Leddar™ Technology

News - LeddarTech, owner of the patented Leddar™ LED-based detection technology is pleased to announce that it has signed a cooperation, development and licensing agreement with Valeo, one of the world’s leading automotive suppliers. This cooperation between LeddarTech and Valeo will enable Valeo to develop a new infrared sensor for series-produced vehicles and cross a new threshold in its effective deployment of road obstacle detection and tracking functions.

Québec City Convention Centre’s kitchens welcome chefs of 5 heads of state

News - Things are steaming up in the Québec City Convention Centre’s kitchens. Tonight’s the night when the chefs of five heads of state will whip up a gourmet fundraising dinner for 200 of the city’s most generous foodies. Chefs from the presidential kitchens of the countries of Monaco, Italy, South Africa, Germany, and France will prepare the banquet alongside the Convention Centre’s Executive Chef Gérard Michel.

Atrium Innovations Inc. Receives Investment Canada Act Approval for the Arrangement with the Permira Funds

News - Atrium Innovations is pleased to announce that pursuant to the terms of theInvestment Canada Act, the Minister of Industry has approved the previously announced plan of arrangement providing for the acquisition of all of the outstanding common shares of Atrium by corporations backed by the Permira funds and the acquisition by the Corporation of all of its outstanding convertible debentures. The Minister reviewed the Arrangement pursuant to the Investment Canada Act, and determined that it is of net benefit to Canada. In addition, the Corporation has received clearance from the Ukrainian competition authorities with respect to the Arrangement.


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