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Fifth annual Healthcare Industry Forum: Quebec City welcomes leading figures in the vaccine field

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In connection with the fifth edition of the Quebec City Healthcare Industry Forum, Quebec International will be welcoming world-renowned figures in the vaccine field, representing the scientific, academic and industrial communities. The theme this year will be "Vaccines: Quebec City hits its stride!"

At a time when healthcare system decision-makers are obliged to optimize the use of human, financial and material resources, many observers see the preventive approach as a winning solution. From that perspective, vaccination is one of the paths to be explored. Indeed, over the next few decades, research and development will lead to the eradication of various infections and diseases. Today, thanks to increased collaboration between the scientific community and the main industry actors, further spectacular advances are expected in the area of public health.

"The Quebec City region stands to play a key role in creating and producing forward-looking solutions. It already has research, public health and clinical practice expertise. It also boasts the presence of numerous industrial leaders in the vaccine and infectious diseases sectors. Quebec City is thus positioned to be a global hub," said Carl Viel, President and CEO of Quebec International.

Outstanding program of activities

For this fifth edition of the Forum, Quebec International is proud to offer an outstanding program of activities bringing together national and international experts from the clinical, academic and industrial communities. The program committee, chaired by Dr. Philippe De Wals, Head of Laval University's Department of Social and Preventive Medicine and Chair of the Quebec Immunization Committee (CIQ), has selected five themes that will be taken up by some 15 guest speakers during the event. The themes are the changing world of vaccines; innovation challenges; market expansion; value-added aspects of vaccination; and access strategies.

The Forum will also provide an opportunity to hear from key industry actors such as Dr. Rino Rappuoli, Global Head of Vaccine Research at Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics (Italy); Pascal Lizin, Director of Public Affairs at GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals (Belgium); Dr. David Strutton, Assistant Vice-President, Vaccines Market Access and Outcomes Research at Pfizer's Specialty Care Unit (US); and Andy Sheldon, President and CEO of Medicago (Canada).

Invited experts from the academic and scientific communities include Dr. Michel G. Bergeron, Director of Laval University's Infectious Disease Research Centre;
Dr. Jonathan Luke Heeney, Professor of Comparative Pathology, Cambridge University (UK); and Dr. Marc Ouellette, Scientific Director at the CIHR Institute of Infection and Immunity. In addition, the Forum will offer a significant clinical perspective thanks to the contributions of Dr. Guy Boivin, holder of the Canada Research Chair on emerging viruses and resistance to antivirals, and Dr. Brian Ward, Assistant Director of the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre.

"The quality of the participants in this fifth edition of the Forum confirms that Quebec City can play a key role in the vaccine field. In addition, the regional biopharmaceutical industry is made up of 23 firms employing a total of 2,165 workers. There are also seven university hospital research centres and nine research chairs with combined budgets of $12 million. This is an important sector in terms of the region's economic development and international standing," said Mr. Viel.

About the Quebec City Healthcare Industry Forum

This will be the fifth edition of the Quebec City Healthcare Industry Forum. This event provides a prime opportunity for networking and meetings between business people, healthcare network managers, researchers and clinicians. This edition of the event is made possible thanks to the support of our three Presenter Partners (Pfizer, Asentri and Merck), our two Associate Partners (Sanofi Aventis and Novartis) and our three Business Partners (Medicago, GlaxoSmithKline and the British High Commission). For further information on the Forum, please visit

About Quebec International

Quebec International contributes to regional economic development and promotes Quebec City's international standing. As the region's pre-eminent economic development agency, Quebec International fosters business growth, supports key economic clusters and attracts talent and investment. For further information, please visit

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