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The Quebec City University Hospital Centre (CHU de Québec) is proud to be associated with Quebec Seeks Solutions (QSS) – Healthcare Edition, which is being held today. This original event, organized by Quebec International, brings together entrepreneurs, researchers and innovation enthusiasts seeking to promote ideas in response to three challenges that CHU de Québec is currently facing.

Based on the principles of collaboration, co-creation, openness and crowdsourcing and involving multi-disciplinary actors from various backgrounds, this unique concept is designed to generate new, unexpected and high-value-added solutions to complex problems.

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CHU de Québec QI

With an eye to constantly improving its practices, CHU de Québec was eager to take part in this initiative. “We are enthusiastic participants in this event. This is a golden opportunity for us to exchange ideas with experts outside our usual healthcare networks and to take a fresh look at certain problems. We are confident that various concrete solutions will be proposed aimed at improving the quality of our services,” said Gertrude Bourdon, CHU de Québec’s Director General.

The three challenges facing CHU de Québec are as follows:

  • Potential construction of endoscope storage units.
  • Dynamic monitoring of various stages of oncological treatments.
  • Constraints hindering the implementation of a proven solution (involving portable coagulometers) developed collaboratively by various healthcare partners.

In 2010, Quebec International and its partners floated the idea of holding an open innovation-based problem-solving event; shortly thereafter, QSS was born. Since then, two editions of the event have been held. Building on this successful formula, two industry-specific versions were held this fall, including the healthcare edition featuring CHU de Québec.

“Quebec Seeks Solutions – Healthcare Edition is a great way to cap off a week of activities dedicated to healthcare innovation. The theme—“Collaboration for better innovation”— sums up the main focus, i.e. fostering contacts between researchers, entrepreneurs and innovation enthusiasts from across the region with a view to generating new ideas. CHU de Québec plays a key role in developing the healthcare and life sciences sectors in Quebec. By taking part in this initiative, it is maintaining its cutting-edge position,” said Carl Viel, President and CEO of Quebec International.

QSS’s stated objectives tie in closely with the measures laid out in the Government of Quebec’s national research and innovation policy, particularly in the area of open innovation, which is regarded as a key way of fostering the emergence of innovation ecosystems and underpinning Quebec’s prosperity.

Quebec Seeks Solutions – Healthcare Edition is made possible by the financial support of the Quebec City Secretariat (SCN) and the Quebec City Regional Conference of Elected Officials (CRECN).

About CHU de Québec

The Quebec City University Hospital Centre (CHU de Québec) is Quebec’s leading healthcare institution and one of Canada’s largest university hospital centres. Made up of the Laval University Hospital Centre (CHUL), Quebec City’s Hôtel-Dieu and three other hospitals (Enfant-Jesus, Saint-François d’Assise and Saint-Sacrement), it provides general and specialized care, including various highly specialized services geared towards Eastern Quebec and its population of nearly two million people. Working closely with Laval University, CHU de Québec also carries out a forward-looking mission focused on teaching, research in various areas of excellence, technology evaluation and health intervention models. These activities are supported by more than 14,000 employees, 1,700 doctors, dentists and pharmacists, 500 researchers and 680 volunteers.

About Quebec International

Quebec International contributes to regional economic development and promotes Quebec City’s international standing. As the region’s pre-eminent economic development agency, Quebec International fosters business growth, supports key economic clusters and attracts talent and investment. For further information, please visit

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