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Quebec International seeks foreign workers to blog about their lives in Quebec City

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At the inaugural reception for the very first “virtual” recruiting mission involving Brazil, Quebec International issued a call for candidates aimed at recruiting bloggers of foreign origin currently living and working in Quebec City. The blog, set to be launched over the next few months, will feature entertaining anecdotal material based on the authors’ experiences in Quebec. The articles will be written in the bloggers’ native languages (Spanish, Portuguese, English and French) and will be geared towards individuals in their countries of origin considering a move to Quebec.

“We already know that the decision to relocate to a foreign country or region can be inspired and facilitated by the presence of peers already living there and sharing their experiences. So we decided that foreign workers in Quebec City could become genuine ambassadors vis-à-vis their communities of origin. The Quebec Ahead blog will give them a unique platform to discuss their experiences,” said Marie-Josée Chouinard, Director, Talent Attraction at Quebec International.

Foreign workers interested in becoming blogger-ambassadors have until October 20 to submit an application. The selection criteria and the application form are available at the following address:

The blog project and the virtual recruiting mission reflect Quebec International’s desire to develop innovative ways of attracting qualified foreign workers to the Quebec City region. These efforts are in addition to the series of initiatives undertaken since 2008, under which more than 850 foreign workers have relocated to the greater Quebec City region.

The hiring interviews for the first virtual recruiting mission involving Brazil kicked off this morning. A total of eight companies are taking part (AAA Canada, Abacus, I. Thibault, Momentum Technologies, NSE Automatech, Nurun, Systematix and TelDig). For this mission, 61 positions were advertised and over 2,130 applications submitted. The participating companies will be conducting 108 hiring interviews over the next four days. In addition, Quebec Ahead’s website has been visited more than 30,000 times by Brazilians since the positions were initially advertised on July 22.

“The development of technologies and the advent of social media not only enable us to carry out long-distance recruitment, but also to effectively promote the region to foreign workers by maintaining a continuous dialogue with people potentially interested in Quebec City as a place to live and work. Quebec International’s team is determined to make the most of these new opportunities,” said Carl Viel, President and CEO of Quebec International.

About Quebec International

Quebec International contributes to regional economic development and promotes Quebec City’s international standing. As the region’s pre-eminent economic development agency, Quebec International fosters business growth, supports key economic clusters and attracts talent and investment. For further information, please visit

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