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Québec International ranked among Canada's economic development champions

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For the eighth consecutive year, Québec International (QI) has been named one of the Top Canadian Economic Development Groups in Canada’s Best Locations 2014, as announced in the current issue of US-based Site Selection magazine. This ranking pays tribute to the country's top 10 economic development agencies. The relevant criteria include the number of projects with a regional impact, the ability to generate regional partnerships, a proactive attitude, the implementation of innovative programs and the quality of economic information and web communication tools. These criteria are evaluated on a per capita basis.

This honour comes as Québec International is preparing to simultaneously host meetings of the Industrial Asset Management Council (IAMC), which is set to hold its very first professional forum outside the US (Sep. 13-17), and the Consider Canada City Alliance (CCCA), which brings together the country's leading economic development agencies (Sep. 15-16). The IAMC is an association of US manufacturers that provide their own property management and site location services. Its members, which include a number of Fortune 500 companies, are influential actors in the US industrial and corporate real estate sector. The CCCA represents 11 main economic development agencies operating in major cities across the country, all of which work together to attract new foreign investment and to create opportunities for Canadian companies abroad.

"In recent years, the role of our organization in the regional, national and international economic ecosystems has shifted to reflect not only the profound transformation of our economy but also our growing ability to play a key role on the global stage. Today, Québec International is recognized as a partner of choice for foreign investors. We take pride in this honour, particularly since QI is the only agency in Canada to appear in the ranking for the past eight years," said Carl Viel, President and CEO of Québec International.

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