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Québec City's technology incubator/accelerator is ready to welcome local entrepreneurs

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Québec International and the City of Québec announced today the launch of the initial operations of Québec City's high-tech incubator/accelerator. Located in the heart of Québec City's Saint-Roch neighbourhood, Le CAMP is destined to become the new hub of Québec City's entrepreneurial hi-tech community. Régis Labeaume, Mayor of Québec City, and Carl Viel, CEO of Québec International, were present for the announcement.

Administered and run by Québec International, Le CAMP will eventually offer entrepreneurial support and guidance services, office space for rent, co-working spaces and a wide-ranging program of activities and events.

"The implementation of a high-tech accelerator/incubator in Québec City will not only enable us to create synergies between local stakeholders, but will also foster the emergence of new small and mid-sized tech firms, as well as creating new jobs. Congratulations to all those who directly or indirectly helped to create this development tool for the Québec City region! We look forward to seeing which of these companies of the future will help to transform Québec City into the province-wide champion of entrepreneurship," said the Honourable Denis Lebel, Minister of Infrastructure, Communities and Intergovernmental Affairs and Minister of Canada Economic Development for Québec Regions.

"By encouraging startups and the development of emerging tech companies, Le CAMP will stimulate job creation and strengthen Québec City's best known key sectors," said Sam Hamad, Minister of Labour and Minister Responsible for the Québec City Region.

"Québec City's ongoing efforts to support local entrepreneurs include the launch of Le CAMP, the first initiative of its kind in Québec City. This gives concrete expression to our vision of an accelerator/incubator as a new tool for assisting the startup and growth of tech companies and for developing entrepreneurship skills among young people," said Régis Labeaume, Mayor of Québec City. "Québec City has earmarked $2.1 million in funds over a five-year period so that Québec International can put the incubator in place, oversee its management and operations and develop an incubation program."

This investment stems from funds allocated to Québec City by the Government of Québec under the auspices of the ACCORD Capitale-Nationale program.

Le CAMP (Phase 1) will open its doors on March 2 in temporary premises located at 688 Charest Blvd East. Co-working spaces, a guidance program for start-up companies and training/ networking activities will be offered. In addition to Québec International professionals dedicated to supporting tech entrepreneurship, Le CAMP (Phase 1) will also be the permanent home for Québec Numérique and the management team of the PCAI Accelerator/Inno-Centre, as announced back in September 2014.

The rollout of Phase 2 and the inauguration of the permanent site are slated for fall 2015. This inauguration will mark the official launch of the incubation program and an enhanced program of activities. Local companies and key entrepreneurial stakeholders will also have the opportunity to lease space. Le CAMP is designed to be open, vibrant and lively. The entire entrepreneurial high-tech community will be invited to take part to the project by organizing targeted activities and events.

"Since 2008, Québec International has promoted a number of initiatives designed to support high-tech entrepreneurship that have helped to enhance Québec City's entrepreneurial ecosystem. Today, we have reached a major milestone by offering the entrepreneurial community a gathering place dedicated to the growth of tech startups in Québec City," said Mr. Viel, CEO of Québec International.

About Le CAMP

In addition to being the hub of Québec City's entrepreneurial community, Le CAMP is a lively and animated place where ideas and business success stories are born. It is also an incubator/accelerator dedicated to fostering the growth of tech companies and guiding startups. Located in the Saint-Roch district in the heart of Québec City, Le CAMP provides access to a variety of acceleration and incubation programs, training/networking activities, leased office space and cooperative work areas. For further information, please consult

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