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10th annual Quebec City Health Industry Forum (FISQ): creating value for patients, clinicians, the network and the economy

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Quebec International, in collaboration with the Quebec Health Alliance (ASQ), BioQuebec, Genome Quebec, Norton Rose Fulbright, Innovative Medicines Canada and the Quebec City-Laval University Hospital Centre (CHUQUL), will be presenting the Quebec City Health Industry Forum (FISQ) on November 29-30. For the past 10 years, FISQ has been the most important annual event in Quebec's life sciences sector, attracting and mobilizing various key actors, including industry representatives, researchers, managers and decision makers.

Logo-Forum-FR.jpgEach year that FISQ is held, innovation is always a central concern. This wide-ranging and unifying theme has facilitated the exploration of innovation from various perspectives, ranging from R&D and marketing to validation and integration. Innovation has a multitude of definitions and although it is difficult to find a unanimous choice, a consensus has built up around the concept of value creation. When all is said and done, innovation involves creating value.

For its 10th edition, FISQ has put together a back-to-basics program of activities based on the theme of "Innovating in healthcare: creating value for patients, clinicians, the network and the economy". The importance of these four aspects will underpin the discussions throughout the event. Does a technological or clinical innovation demonstrating potential value in all four aspects have all the necessary ingredients for successful integration? One might even say that patients, clinicians, the network and the economy are the "four aces" of healthcare innovation!

High-level activities and a renewed formula

For this 10 edition, FISQ will consist of two full days of programmed activities. This will provide a more concrete framework for discussions between the 250 participants, focusing on the beneficial impacts of technological innovations in healthcare. There will be plenary sessions, strategy sessions, case studies and expert presentations, in addition to four themed workshops by our programming partners on the following topics:

  • Presentation on healthcare innovation: finding our way in a fast-changing sector
    By Norton Rose Fulbright

    A wave of innovation has begun sweeping over the healthcare sector. The resulting data, particularly megadata, contain vital information that could improve patient care. Innovative medications, such as biological drugs, are arriving on the market and are being used to treat a whole new clientele. The sector's regulatory and legal frameworks are evolving in order to deal with these new realities. Please join us during this presentation if you would like to learn more about the legal issues facing the healthcare and life sciences sectors.
  • Panel on genome innovation and biotechnology: if science is saving lives, how can we do without it?
    By Genome Quebec and BioQuebec

    We have already begun the inevitable shift towards precision medicine. How can patients influence the course of events? Past experience shows the strength of the patient/doctor team: overcoming obstacles, speeding up research, facilitating funding, changing perceptions. If patients agree and demand changes, this shift becomes inevitable.
  • Public health: massive data and technological issues
    By Quebec City Health Alliance (ASQ)

    This workshop ties in with the development of a collaborative platform for sustainable health research and intervention, which will make it possible to dynamically track regional public health over several decades. Tapping into multiple data sources and equipped with specialized interfaces, this platform will serve to document and understand various contexts and will foster the emergence of new potential areas for research and action.
  • Evaluating the return on investment of private drug insurance programs: issues and future perspectives
    By Innovative Medicines Canada

    This event will bring together representatives of private drug insurance programs and pharmaceutical researchers in order to reflect on and discuss shared issues and challenges.

FISQ will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year in the presence of Quebec's Minister of the Economy, Science and Innovation, Dominique Anglade. In addition, a networking reception will provide an opportunity to hear former Quebec Finance Minister Raymond Bachand, now a strategic advisor with Norton Rose Fulbright. Mr. Bachand will be giving a special presentation on the challenges of healthcare funding in Quebec and achieving balanced budgets. The program includes around 25 high-level guest speakers from the following organizations: Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health, Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (Quebec chapter), Blue Shield California, National Public Relations, Caprion, Laval University's Massive Data Research Centre, Davies Ward Philips & Vineberg LLP, GSK, Hema-Quebec, Quebec Institute for Excellence in Health and Social Services (INESSS), Laser Analytica, Logibec, Novartis International AG, MedTech Europe, Merck, PeriPharm, Pfizer and the University of Montreal.

New feature: friendly competition/ISQ OPEN

In addition to the presentations and workshops, this year's Forum will feature the inaugural edition of a friendly competition, known as ISQ OPEN, which will take place on November 30. This activity pits four health industry technologies against each other, with a focus on innovation (biopharmaceutical, health IT, medical technology and clinical). Using the Pechakucha presentation method, the candidates will have to project 20 slides in 20 seconds to convince the jury (made up exclusively of patients and health sector representatives) to vote for the technology that could potentially create the most value for patients, clinicians, the network and the economy. This activity will provide an opportunity to showcase actual projects completed in the healthcare network and to recognize their value added.

A new activity during Health Innovation Week

In connection with Health Innovation Week, which is being organized this year in collaboration with the Centre Mère-Enfant Soleil of Quebec City-Laval University Health Centre, the inaugural edition of the activity "Partners in the health and education of children and adolescents" will be held on December 1, organized around the theme of "Sharing innovation". Participants will be asked to share their vision and will discuss various initiatives and innovations in the areas of child and adolescent healthcare and education. The presentations and workshops will provide opportunities to discuss this topic in a dynamic format bringing benefits to all.

"FISQ and Health Innovation Week are participating actively to facilitate the integration of health innovations with a view to benefiting the whole of Quebec society. Quebec International is proud to be supporting concerted action and to be helping to boost recognition of Quebec City as a major hub of excellence in the life sciences sector in Quebec," said Carl Viel, CEO of Quebec International.

FISQ is made possible through the support of the following partners: Bell, Janssen, AstraZeneca, GSK, Innovative Medicines Canada, Merck, Sanofi, Genome Quebec, MEDEC, Novartis, Pfizer and Roche et Servier.

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