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Grande finale of CATAPULTE's third edition - Polymorph Games named grand prize winner

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Marking the grand finale of the third edition of the CATAPULTE program, Carl Viel, CEO of Quebec International, Denis Laforest, general manager of Caisse Desjardins Quebec City and the various partners are pleased to announce that the independent video game studio Polymorph Games is this year's grand prizewinner. Presented by Caisse Desjardins Quebec City, the 2017 edition of Catapulte came with a cash prize of $30,000. In addition, Polymorph Games will have a one-year position of choice within LE CAMP, Quebec City's high-tech incubator/accelerator, together with mentoring opportunities within the local video game industry and a session in Ubisoft Quebec's user research labs.

2017-04-07_CATAPULTE.jpgAs the grand prizewinners, the team of Philippe Dion and Léo Carnaut-Delord were recognized for the marketing plan for their video game project "Foundation". "We are a talented and passionate team. We're also very proud and very enthusiastic to be moving onto the next stage. Catapulte offers an exciting environment in which recognized industry specialists support start-ups in their development phase. It is also an outstanding showcase at the national and international levels for marketing our very first video game," said Mr. Dion.

Reflecting the growing popularity of Catapulte, which was launched by Quebec City's digital arts and interactive entertainment sector of excellence, the quality of the candidates this year was outstanding. The jury members (Valérie Hénaire, Dominique Brown, Mathieu Tremblay and David Weiser) said they were highly impressed by the winning studio's performance, as well as by the promotional projects submitted by the four other finalists. This year, all of the studios selected for the grand finale received training at Laval University's Faculty of Administration.

The partners for Catapulte's third edition would like to thank the jury members for their generous involvement. The event was held in conjunction with Digital Week at the Espaces Dalhousie cruiseship terminal on April 6, with over 300 people in attendance, including Régis Labeaume, Mayor of Quebec City; François Blais, Quebec's Minister of Employment and Social Solidarity and Minister Responsible for the Quebec City Region; Laurence Haguenauer, France's Consul General in Quebec City; and André Drolet, Member of the National Assembly for Jean Lesage and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister Responsible for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, Regulatory Relief and Regional Economic Development.

Caisse Desjardins Quebec City has been a Catapulte partner since it was first launched in 2015. "We are truly proud to note the dramatic increase in the number of program registrants and the exceptional quality of the participants. This stands as a testament to the advances made by the local video game industry. We are delighted that so many of these companies are based in downtown Quebec City," said Mr. Laforest.

"Once again, the Ubisoft team has stepped up to the plate to support home-grown Quebec talent," said Ubisoft Quebec's general manager, Nicolas Rioux. "The Polymorph Games team will benefit from privileged access to our labs and our team of user research experts in order to test their game with consumers. We very much look forward to working with them and helping them expand their limits even further!"

For the winning teams of the first two editions (Chainsawesome Games in 2015 and Bishop Games in 2016), Catapulte played a key role in the production of their first video games ("Knight Squad" and "Light Fall", respectively). Quebec International and the digital arts and interactive entertainment sector of excellence are very pleased to support this prestigious program, which serves as a catalyst for the local video game industry.

"Catapulte provides us with an opportunity to watch the next generation at work. It also underscores the importance of encouraging young start-up talent and supporting their growth with a view to revitalizing regional economic development," said Carl Viel.

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