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Québec International and the people of Quebec City stand in solidarity with the local Muslim community

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Québec International would like to take this opportunity to express its solidarity with all of Quebec City's Muslim community in the wake of last night's tragic events at the local Islamic cultural centre (Centre culturel islamique de Québec).

"First and foremost, our thoughts go out to the victims' families and to the local Muslim community, which has been deeply impacted by this terrible violence. We are all profoundly shaken by the realization that such an event can happen in a city that we love so much. Quebec City is a peaceful, open-minded and welcoming place where people from all backgrounds live together in harmony," said Carl Viel, CEO of Québec International.

Mr. Viel added: "We are a longstarding welcoming Community at heart, not only for individuals but also for entrepreneurs. We embrace diversity because we know it makes us grow and moves us forward. For that reason, the events of last night are all the more incomprehensible. Indeed, they are a painful reminder that hatred, violence and intolerance must be combatted wherever they are found and in whatever form they take."

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Québec International contributes to regional economic development and promotes Quebec City's international standing. As the pre-eminent regional economic development agency, QI fosters business growth, supports key economic clusters and attracts talent and investment. For further information, please visit

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