December 2014

Launch of CONEQT program establishing a genuine business corridor between the Québec City region and Silicon Valley

Québec International announced the launch of the CONEQT program with a view to securing the business corridor between Québec City and Silicon Valley. The result of a partnership with Expansion Québec, which has a commercial office in San Mateo in the heart of the Valley, CONEQT provides tech companies in the Québec City region with market intelligence, development, and support services through dedicated resources for up to 6 months.


Swiss company ABB continues to grow in Québec City

A leader in energy and automation technology, ABB has decided to build new facilities in the Espace d’innovation Michelet in Québec City, a $20-million project. The new, larger building will accommodate its 200 employees and allow ABB to pursue its growth.