July 2012

Awards, Distinctions and Promotional Activities


The Andersen Project recognized at the Elliot Norton Awards

Ex Machina is proud to announce that The Andersen Project was honored in the two categories for which it was nominated during the last Elliot Norton Awards ceremony, held this Monday May 21. The Andersen Project was nominated in the Outstanding Design (Large Theater) and Outstanding Solo Performance categories, thanks to Yves Jacques’ performance.


The Garden Writers Association to meet in Québec City

From august 16 to 19, 2013, the Québec City Convention Centre will welcome the 65thGarden Writers Association (GWA) 2013 Symposium. More than 600 North American horticultural journalists and photographers will meet in Québec City, the third Canadian city to welcome this American association, after Toronto in 1999 and Vancouver in 2005.


Site Selection Magazine: Where MNC Subsidiaries Excel

Québec-based IT executives at multinational computer services giants attribute the success and expansion of their enterprises to being located in Québec. An increasingly bilingual and skilled work force, higher education resources, proximity to Europe and the U.S. Northeast and a business climate that encourages capital investment are some of the assets they identify as drivers of their ability to compete. More specifi cally, they compete successfully with other subsidiaries of their parent companies worldwide for capital investment, or they complement those subsidiaries as no other operation can, they maintain.


Optics - Photonics : Professors Vallée and Chen honoured by OSA

A ceremony was held at the recent Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO 2012) honouring new Fellows of the Optical Society of America. Among the honourees were COPL Director Réal Vallée of Université Laval and Professor Lawrence Chen of McGill University who is also on the COPL's Management Committee.


Robert Lepage’s Playing Cards 1: Spades

Let Robert Lepage take you on a trip to Las Vegas that you’ll never forget. The master of modern theatre’s latest show is called Playing Cards 1:Spades.


Quebec City Convention Centre Expansion - LEED Certification

The Québec City Convention Centre’s close to 70,000 sq. ft. expansion will meet requirements for LEED Canada for Commercial Interiors (CI) certification. Being the first Canadian convention centre to receive LEED-EB certification for an Existing Building in 2011, the Convention Centre is proud to offer an eco-conscious building operated with strict environmental principles.