May 2014

Business Environment


Québec City Covention Centre Opens New Meeting Space

After two years of work, the Québec City Convention Centre will be dedicating its new meeting and conference facilities today, the result of a $36 million investment by the Québec government.


Real GDP in the Quebec City region tops $33.1 billion as growth reaches 1.2% in 2013

The Quebec City metropolitan region generated $33.1 billion in real GDP in 2013, up 1.2% compared with 2012. In this regard, the region slightly exceeded our expectations (we had previously forecast annual growth of 1%). A more sustained uptick in employment in the fourth quarter provided some momentum at the end of the year. In addition, although growth has often topped 2% in recent years, Quebec City still has one of the most dynamic economies in Eastern Canada. 


New mobile application promotes Quebec City’s economic development

In this digitally driven era, Quebec International (QI) is pleased to announce the official launch of Quebec Intl, its brand-new mobile application. Featuring Mozzo technology developed by Piranha, a Quebec City-based firm specializing in mobility and innovation, Quebec Intl gives users touch-screen access to all of QI’s publications. The application is available on iOS and Android tablets and phones, as well as on Kindle.


KPMG’s Competitive Alternatives 2014: Quebec City ranked #1 worldwide among similarly-sized cities

KPMG’s Competitive Alternatives 2014: Quebec City ranked #1 worldwide among similarly-sized cities

According to the results of KPMG’s Competitive Alternatives 2014 released this morning, the Quebec City metropolitan region ranks #1 worldwide among urban areas with 500,000 to two million inhabitants. Overall, business location costs are 9.3% lower in Quebec City in relation to the US average. This is a net improvement from 2012, when this cost advantage was 5.8%.


 Logistics infrastructure in the Quebec City area

Logistics infrastructure in the Quebec City area

Portrait of the Quebec City metropolitan region logistics infrastructure. As a gateway to the Great Lakes, the Quebec City Area offers a direct access to the United States, and is also a hub for supplies and exports. Produced by Quebec International.


Quebec International promotional brochure

Quebec International promotional brochure

Geared towards international clienteles, this publication focuses on the Quebec City region from an international perspective. It also provides a brief statistical overview and presents Quebec International’s unique service offer. 


Inaugural promotional event for YQB - Québec City launches its new regional sales force

Québec City now has a regional sales force to promote business tourism outside the province. Unveiled this morning at the Québec City Convention Centre, YQB (Your Québec City Business Destination) will be on the job with the goal of significantly increasing room-nights in the Québec City area. This dream team was created in fall 2013, shepherded by a strategic committee of movers and shakers assembling out-of-province business tourism specialists from Québec City Tourism, the Québec City Convention Centre, and ExpoCité's Centre de foires to help unify, standardize and increase the effectiveness of the city's sales and promotions.


International Water Association (IWA) will meet in Québec City in 2017

The International Water Association’s Specialist Group (SG) confirms that the 12th International Conference on instrumentation, control and automation of water systems (ICA2017) will meet at the Québec City Convention Centre June 12 to 14, 2017.


Japanese and Taiwanese Investors Meet World's Best-Kept Secret-Canada

Investors in Japan and Taiwan will get a chance to learn about the world's best-kept secret when a group of Canadian government and business leaders visit Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Taipei, February 24 to March 4. Michael Darch is president of the 12-member Consider Canada City Alliance-the group that is partnering with Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development to tell Canada's story.


Some great infographics to illustrate the Quebec City Metropolitan Region competitive business environment

Some great infographics to illustrate the Quebec City Metropolitan Region competitive business environment

Québec International has produced a series of infographics illustrating the many benefits and exceptional business environment of the Quebec City Metropolitan Region.Based on the data gathered for the creation on the “Invest in the Quebec City Region” brochure, these infographics illustrate the factors conducive to investment and business activities in the region.


WestJet Encore says bienvenue to Quebec City

WestJet announces the launch of new, non-stop twice-daily service between Toronto and Quebec City, Quebec, effective March 15, 2015. Using WestJet Encore's fleet of Canadian-made Bombardier Q400 NextGen aircraft, the new service will replace WestJet's current daily service on board its Boeing Next-Generations 737s.


Quebec City Region: 1,000 jobs created in 2013 as unemployment drops to 4.7%

We had modest expectations for 2013 due to numerous upheavals along the way. Nonetheless, the Quebec City census metropolitan area (CMA) maintained its growth course, with 1,000 jobs created compared with 2012 on a non-seasonally-adjusted basis. Thanks to this seventh consecutive annual gain, the region hit a new record of 422,200 jobs. In addition, with unemployment at 4.7% (down from 5.1% in 2012), one of the lowest rates in Canada, Quebec City came very close to the all-time low of 4.6% recorded in 2008.