Economic newsletter – October 2010, volume 4, number 2

Environment and energy

Ultramar moves forward with pipeline project

Valero Energy Corporation, the parent company of Ultramar Ltd., has thrown its support behind a proposed $350 million pipeline connecting Ultramar’s Lévis refinery and its facilities in Montreal’s East End. The pipeline is expected to begin operations in late 2012.

New TELUS building inaugurated in Quebec City

Located in the heart of Quebec City’s historic Old Port neighbourhood, TELUS Place, a modernized facility that meets LEED silver environmental standards (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) was inaugurated recently. A total of 330 employees will be working in this new state-of-the-art building. A $30 million investment was required to bring the project to completion.

Strategic engineering consulting partnership

The BPR engineering consulting firm is partnering with Tetra Tech, an internationally acclaimed environmental, water and energy management leader. Focusing on new markets, BPR will gain access to an international network of 12,000 collaborators.

CO2 Solution: BIOTECanada’s company of the year!

CO2 Solution was named company of the year in recognition of its innovative carbon capture technology. This low-cost high-potential technological solution will be used to mitigate the impacts of climate change around the world.

Toyota entrusts Laval University with new Prius hybrid testing program

Laval University’s expertise in the area of new electric and hybrid propulsion technology testing will be put to good use when a research team assesses the performance of Toyota’s very first plug-in hybrid.

Animal Pathology Expertise Laboratory opens

Representing a $22.4 million investment, the lab is the first of its kind to aim for LEED Canada certification. Boasting highly efficient state-of-the-art equipment, this ultra-modern facility will reinforce Quebec City’s animal pathology expertise.

$6 million to improve aluminum producers’ environmental record

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and Alcoa have teamed up with Laval University to create a new industrial research chair whose work will focus on reducing electricity consumption during the aluminum production process, together with related CO2 emissions.

New industrial research chair in energy and energy efficiency technologies (E3T)

The University of Quebec’s School of Advanced Technology (ETS) has selected the city of Lévis as the location for the E3T chair, which is tasked with supporting an innovation strategy for energy production, conversion and use in Quebec.