Economic newsletter – October 2010, volume 4, number 2

Life sciences

Medicago builds its first vaccine manufacturing facility in the US

Medicago’s manufacturing facility for plant-based products will be built in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park at an estimated cost of $42 million. Once completed, the facility will produce 120 million doses of pandemic flu vaccine or 40 million doses of seasonal flu per year; it will also double the size of the Quebec City-based biotech firm’s workforce from 90 to 170 employees. Work has already begun on the project. In related news, a report on how to respond to the challenges of flu pandemics was submitted to US President Barak Obama and cites Medicago’s technology among the possible solutions.

TSO3 delivers its first ozone sterilizer to 3M

Under a marketing agreement concluded last year, Quebec City-based TSO3 will be delivering its first ozone sterilizer to 3M’s Minnesota headquarters. The culmination of years of R&D, the device takes only 246 minutes to sterilize surgical instruments.

DiagnoCure’s PCA3 biomarker submitted to the FDA

Gen-Probe Inc., DiagnoCure’s US business partner, is submitting a premarketing approval application to the US Food and Drug Administration for its PROGENSA(R) PCA3 test. This new molecular test is used to determine whether men suspected of having prostate cancer require a repeat biopsy.

TELUS Health Solutions partners with Domedic

TELUS Health Solutions and Quebec City-based Domedic have signed a partnership agreement aimed at simplifying drug regimens among individuals with chronic diseases.


National Institutes of Health invest in CRI’s CD lab

Laval University’s Centre for Infectious Disease Research (CRI), headed by Dr. Michel G. Bergeron, has received $4.3 million from the US-based National Institutes of Health to deliver a CD-based laboratory enabling doctors to diagnose 17 viruses during medical consultations (including Type A and B flu, as well as bird and swine flu) and to prescribe the correct treatment on a fast-track basis.

World premiere at the IUCPQ

A specialized intensive care research team at the Quebec University Institute of Cardiology and Pneumology (IUCPQ) is carrying out the very first worldwide evaluation of a fully automated artificial respiration system.

Major medical breakthrough at Laval University

Researchers at Laval University’s Faculty of Medicine and the CHUQ Research Centre have demonstrated that the defective gene that causes Duchenne muscular dystrophy can be repaired.


Quebec’s largest integrated life sciences training complex opens

The new complex houses the faculties of medicine, pharmacy and nursing sciences and aims to offer an integrated healthcare vision, focusing on the needs of patients and their friends and family. Work on the project began back in 2006; the renovations cost a total of $81 million.

Unipex and Biopharmacopae join forces to develop Quebec City’s cosmeceutical sector

Thanks to its anti-oxidant qualities, the UXI-240 active ingredient developed by Biopharmacopae and derived from vinegar can be used to prevent and minimize signs of skin aging. Unipex, a worldwide distributor of innovative active ingredients for the cosmetics and personal care sectors, will be marketing this product to the worldwide cosmetics industry.