Informations and Measures Related to COVID-19

Given the magnitude of the COVID-19 pandemic in the world and its impact on public health and the economy, Québec International has put in place, since the beginning of March 2020, various preventive measures designed to help maintain its business support services while also limiting the risk of spreading the virus. Considering the current developments and the new measures recommended by the authorities, our organization will be operating primarily with remote working, until further notice.

Our team remains available to support businesses and workers under these circumstances. Various activities and programs have been implemented or modified to meet the new needs that arose due to the pandemic. Furthermore, in order to provide businesses and workers with the most relevant information, our team is monitoring the situation very closely, especially in regard to measures announced by the government in support of businesses and workers.

This section includes a lot of information about the current measures. Most of this information is only available in French. To receive assistance in English, you may contact our team to discuss your specific circumstances and learn more about the current context and the applicable measures.

Current Measures and Information

Below is a list of the various measures and key information provided by the federal, provincial and municipal governments (in French). We have separated the information by profile to help you find the measures relevant to your needs and your situation.

Current Situation

Last update : January 13, 2022, 11:00 AM


In Quebec
Data source:

Confirmed cases: 775,720
Doses of vaccine administered: 2,994
Deaths: 12,125

In Canada
Data source:

Confirmed and probable cases: 2,657,384
Deaths: 31,082
Most affected provinces: Ontario (906,031), Quebec (766,927), Alberta (424,322) et British Columbia (288,692)

Additional Resources for Businesses

Below is a list of useful resources for businesses in the Québec City region (in French).

People with Symptoms of COVID-19