Green and smart building

Who are we?

Québec BVI is a structured business network that brings together the various actors in Québec City’s green and smart building sector. We join forces with all stakeholders to imagine and shape the future of our industry and help promote our businesses’ skills.

Our role

Québec BVI supports the region’s distinct expertise through innovative initiatives and concrete development projects. Each day, we work to help businesses bring their ideas to life, distinguish themselves internationally, and implement the most recent practices. To do so, we:

  • Promote business development
  • Promote expertise development
  • Help position the region

Our achievements

By participating in several projects and achievements that showcase the expertise of our partners and stakeholders, Québec BVI highlights the greater Quebec City area’s innovative forces and helps improve the region’s standing, at home and abroad.

  • Le Laboratoire Vivant
  • Visionary meeting: Boston Edition, New England, Quebec

Our impact on the industry

For us, 2021 was:

  • $1.5M

    in economic benefits

  • 16

    activities, programs and projects

  • 249

    participants in our initiatives

Our environment

Québec BVI is a dynamic industry with members who contribute, day after day, to push the region forward. Discover this unique environment and those who help the region to distinguish itself in the field of green and smart building.

Become a member of Québec BVI

Join a group of organizations who wish to do more to contribute to the region’s industry and become a member of Québec BVI! With an annual membership, organizations get several benefits like discounts on various activities, unique networking opportunities and a more direct implication in Québec BVI’s direction and priorities.

Our industry

The Québec City region’s green and smart building sector is composed of many actors who help the region distinguish itself around the world. Renowned research centres, innovative manufacturers, visionary architects and many more make up this unified and strong industry that is filled with opportunities.

Main fields of expertise:

  • Innovative development projects
  • Innovative design practices
  • State-of-the-art materials and technologies
  • Energy-efficient buildings
  • Wood construction

Our businesses' achievements

From innovative materials to buildings that redefine the boundaries, our businesses use imagination and ingenuity to create the future of construction. Learn about some of the major achievements in the Québec City region’s green and smart building environment.

  • Examplary Buildings

    Interested to see how the region's expertise translates into actual buildings? Discover exemplary buildings created with the participation of businesses and research centres from the region.

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Québec BVI is a registered trademark of Québec International.