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What is Québec EPIX?

Québec EPIX is a major cluster of techno-creative businesses and stakeholders in the video game, animation and immersive experience sectors. A history of evolutions and transformations has made it more relevant than ever.

Our role and main areas of action

To lead the Québec City region’s techno-creative industry, we focus our actions around the priorities identified by the sector. This way, we help find solutions to real issues and promote collaboration, support and discovery. Read on to learn more about the main axes that guide our actions.

Stimulate Competitiveness

Develop and share knowledge to grow companies and industry

Québec EPIX supports business development by supporting the acquisition of skills in strategic management and entrepreneurial growth, and facilitating access to sources of financing adapted to the different stages of development. The cluster creates knowledge transfer opportunities and gives access to a crucial network during the internatiopnal development process by providing training and organizing networking activities.

Expertise Recognition

Showcasing local businesses’ capabilities to give them global recognition.

Québec EPIX organizes activities focused on the promotion and visibility of businesses. From hosting world-class events and organizing local and international missions to receiving specialized journalists, every effort is made in order to demonstrate local talent and secure stakeholders’ position on target markets.

Innovating by Cooperating

Working together to go even further.

Québec EPIX initiates, coaches and supports projects that facilitate collaboration and networking, mainly for monitoring, innovation and R&D purposes. By implementing different activities to support these projects at every stage, the cluster strives to reach outstanding results and achievements that give the greater Québec City region a chance to stand out.

Our committees

Québec EPIX relies on various committees and sub-committees to better identify actions to implement and make sure that the techno-creative industry is consulted and properly represented. Learn more about the roles and members of these committees.

Cluster Committee

This committee makes decisions about Québec EPIX’s larger actions. Based on recommendations from sub-committees, it proposes activities and permanent solutions as part of the strategic and annual planning.

  • Renaud Sylvain

    President & Executive Producer, Happy Camper Media
    President of Québec EPIX

  • Ysabelle Poulin

    Economic Development Advisor, Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation

  • Jean-François Morneau

    Economic Development Advisor, Ville de Québec

  • Benoît Archer

    Co-founder, Bishop Games

  • Pierre-Luc Bonneville

    Coordinator, Continuing Education and Business Services, Cégep de Sainte-Foy

  • Christian Daigle

    President & CEO, Frima

  • Sébastien Dubus

    Conseiller en valorisation de la recherche, Université Laval - VRR

  • Thomas Wilson


Special Projects Subcommittee

Major events, new forms of support... If Québec EPIX offers so many key events each year, it is also thanks to that sub-committee, which is responsible for identifying and helping organize unique projects.

  • Alexandre Fiset

    Co-Studio Head & Designer, Sweet Bandits

  • Mathieu Tremblay


  • Martin Talbot

    VP of Technology, Frima

  • André-Anne Boisvert

    Productor, Ubisoft Québec

Innovation, R&D and Monitoring Subcommittee

Innovation is the name of the game in an industry as dynamic as this one. Therefore, this committee is responsible for identifying trends, novel technology and opportunities for the sector to ensure that the activities we propose help the Quebec industry stay at the top of its game.

  • Sébastien Dubus

    Conseiller en développement de la recherche, Université Laval - VRR

  • Éric Harvey

    Director of R&D and Head of Medical Imaging, Centre en imagerie numérique et médias interactifs (CIMMI)

  • Frédéric Robichaud

    Director Of Technology, Gearbox

  • Mathieu Savard

    Technology Director, ALTKEY

Funding and animation SUBCOMMITTEE

  • Denis Doré

    CEO & Co-Founder, Squeeze Studio

  • André Kadi

    Director and founder, DU COUP Animation

  • Steve Couture

    Cofounder, Epic Storyworlds

  • Nancy Florence Savard

    Founder, president, producer and director, 10e ave Productions

  • Renaud Sylvain

    President and executive producer, Happy Camper Media


  • Luc Archambault

    Academic Advisor of Continuing Education, Cégep Limoilou

  • Michelle Boisvert

    Directrice RH, Frima

  • Pierre-Luc Bonneville

    Deputy Director of Continuing Education & business services, Cégep de Sainte-Foy

  • Michael Cannon

    Conseiller senior en efficacité organisationnelle, Beenox

  • Natasha Collin

    Vice-Présidente, Nine Dots Studio

  • Marie-Claude Doré

    Directrice dév. organisationnel, Play Lü / Université Laval

  • Étienne Hébert

    Director - International Mobility - Information Technologies, Québec International

  • Anne Le Bouyonnec

     Directrice de projets expertise et métiers, Pôle Synthèse

  • Brigitte Monneau

    Directrice Générale, Pôle Synthèse  

Québec EPIX documentation

Would you like to learn more about us, or share information about our role? You will find below some promotional material, our graphic standards and much more!

  • Québec EPIX’s strategic planning information sheet

    Québec EPIX has developed a strategic plan to guide its actions for the period from 2019 to 2023. Get an overview of the cluster’s mission, vision, territory, and medium-term and long-term goals.

    (In French only)

  • Overview of Québec EPIX

    Discover Québec EPIX with this overview of its role, services, action axes and industry.

Our affiliation with Québec International : an asset

Québec EPIX is managed by Québec International, the Québec City region’s Economic Development Agency. Through this association, our cluster can provide more comprehensive support and services for international talent attraction, commercialization, export, high-tech entrepreneurship, business establishment, expansion, and much more. Visit Québec International’s website to learn more about the available support.

Our Partners

Québec EPIX est une marque déposée de Québec International.