Digital Transformation and Innovation

Our digital transformation and innovation specialists support business improvement projects to make them more efficient. With their knowledge of financing and support programs as well as their experience with the latest and most efficient practices in innovation and Industry 4.0, they will take your company further while taking into account your specific challenges.

Digital Shift and Innovation Team
Sandra Hardy
Director – Business Services and Cluster Development

Centre d'expertise industrielle de Québec International Team

Denis Beauchemin
Director - Innovation and Digital Transformation
Daniel Desbiens
Corporate Advisor – Digital Shift
Clara Desbiolles
Corporate Advisor - Digital Transformation
Marc-Antoine Lachance
Corporate Advisor – Digital Shift
Daniel Lavallée
Corporate Advisor - Digital Transformation
Jean-Philippe Martin
Corporate Advisor - Digital Transformation

Techno-Tandem Regional Innovation and Development Space Team

Yousra Abzaoui
Corporate Advisor - Innovation Service
Alexandra Masson
Director – Artificial Intelligence and Digital Solutions
Kevin Pochon
Senior Advisor - Manufacturing Sector and Clean Technologies
Jean-Philippe Roy
Business Development Specialist - QI & Mitacs

Project Managers

Julie Charland
Project Manager - Administration and Logistics
Marie-Josée Schinck
Senior Project Leader – Administration and Logistics