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It can never be said enough: Québec International’s best ambassadors are its professionals.

Meet the specialists who work hard to promote our beautiful region both locally and abroad.

Senior management and finance

Senior Management and Finance are professionals working in finance, accounting and corporate affairs.

Communications and marketing

Communications professionals are responsible for all communications, public relations and marketing operations.

Economic studies

Professionals assigned to economic studies and business intelligence ensure that quality economic information is available.

Attraction and retention of international workers and students

Our attraction and retention of international workers and students professionals help local businesses grow by supporting them in their international recruitment activities.

Support for technology entrepreneurship

Technology entrepreneurship support professionals implement programs, activities and opportunities to help young businesses get started.

Foreign investment

Professionals dedicated to exploring foreign investment opportunities keep busy attracting new capital.

Business services and cluster development

Development professionals who are focused on our key clusters oversee a specific sector and support its stakeholders to help them develop along with their field.

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