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Are you looking for the best place to do business in the Québec City, Canada? Do you manage an already-established subsidiary here and are planning to expand? At Québec International, we provide the advice you need for to successfully achieve your goals. Few organizations offer such a full range of services like Québec International to support these kinds of projects.

Take advantage of our expertise, network of contacts and knowledge of the regional economy to help you through establishing, acquiring or expanding a business in Québec City. We provide turnkey services and advise you at every stage of your project. If you are looking to accelerate your project, you’ve come to the right place.

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Economic and business information about the Québec City region

When determining the best place to establish and grow your business, you need quality, up-to-date, strategic information. Find why it's good to do business in Québec City.


Of course, before doing business in the Québec City region, you’ll want to know how its economy is doing. Review the main economic indicators, which can be found on our economic statistics page.


Find out what makes our region and our city competitive. See for yourself:  there is a unique way of doing things and living here. Learn more about Québec City in our business environment section. 


Take full advantage of our region’s strong industrial diversity. In Québec City, there is a lot of advanced expertise in technology, manufacturing and services! Learn more about the region's innovative industries in the our industries section.

Consulting services and support to set up a subsidiary in Québec City

Do you need advice and support to set up your company or one of its subsidiaries in the region? Ask for our help and benefit from our team’s knowledge and contacts for: 

  • Creating a value proposition or business case
  • Finding a site or a temporary location – soft landing
  • Meeting technology or business partners
  • Looking for sources of financing
  • Identifying incentives
  • Facilitating the relocation of your employees
  • Consulting experts in the taxation, legal or financial fields
  • Etc.

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Consulting services and support to carry out your expansion project

Do you manage or operate a foreign company subsidiary in the greater Québec City region? Work with us to facilitate your project’s success. We can help you: 

  • Identify the financial opportunities available
  • Meet relevant partners
  • Take the steps required with your parent company

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Support for immigrating to Quebec and starting a business

Are you an entrepreneur and dreaming of living in Québec to start or acquire a business? Let us guide you through every step of your immigration process. 

  • Looking for opportunities  —  Business acquisitions, franchises  
  • The immigration processes
  • Identifying the best locations to set up your business 
  • Partnerships with business incubators, such as LE CAMP
  • Business plan assessments
  • Finding investors
  • Etc.

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Programs and financial assistance - Entrepreneurial Vision - Québec 2026

Focusing on entrepreneurship, innovation, growth, financing and support, the Entrepreneurial Vision – Québec 2026 aims to make Québec City the entrepreneurial capital of the country within 5 years. It brings together programs and financial assistance measures to grow businesses. The Vision receives over $75.8 million in funding from the Government of Québec over four years. This funding was extended until March 2025 and increased by $19.6 million. The City of Québec, Secrétariat à la Capitale-Nationale and Québec International act as key partners in the deployment of the Vision.

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