Québec City: An Ideal Place to Reach Your Full Manufacturing Potential

Are you a manufacturing company looking to venture out and explore new horizons? Québec City is sure to seduce you! Offering a favourable geographic position, strong industrial diversity and low operating costs, Québec City has everything you need to fulfill your biggest ambitions.

Find out more about the region’s ideal environment for manufacturing companies.

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  • 32,000

     jobs (7 % of total employment)

  • 1,350


  • 7.8 %

    of the total GDP  

Québec City On the move

Globalization and automation are changing the manufacturing sector. Market access, low operational costs and a qualified labour force have become necessary. Québec City has earned an enviable position in this area. How about that?

To tell you more about it:

  • François Tremblay, Vice President and General Manager, Volvo / Prevost
  • André Amyot, Vice President of Operations, Kerry

Why choose Québec City, Canada, for your manufacturing project?

  • A qualified, dedicated and stable labour force

    The Québec City region’s colleges and technical education institutions are renowned for training skilled workers through high-quality programs tailored to the market’s needs. Therefore, the employees you will find here will help you maintain a high level of competitiveness against world-class players.

  • Financial help to start up and grow

    The federal, provincial and municipal governments offer many funding programs to support the establishment and growth of businesses. Your project may be even more accessible than you thought!

  • A gateway to the North American market

    Thanks to an efficient logistics platform connected by land, rail, sea and air, Québec City is a strategic location for a successful incursion into the North American market. Moreover, with its many active free trade agreements, including the CETA and the CUSMA, the region opens the door to a market of over 1 billion consumers.

  • Affordable, green and renewable energy

    The province of Québec is a major producer of hydroelectricity. The state-owned corporation, Hydro-Québec, worldwide recognized for the reliability of its transmission network, manages this resource enabling it to keep electricity rates affordable for everyone.

World Players Established in the Québec City Region

The Québec City region is home to many international manufacturing companies. Below you will find a list of some who chose Québec City as a springboard to produce, innovate and market their products:

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