Québec City: An innovative hub of electronics and optics-photonics

Do you enjoy the field of electronics? Are you interested in optics-photonics products development? Québec City is one of the world leaders in research in these fields. It stands out, among other things, because of its high concentration of teams of researchers and its variety of companies.

Here you will learn about these companies and research centres, as well as about their innovative solutions in which light and circuits meet the needs of several other fields.

Electronics and optics-photonics

A few key figures about optics-photonics in Québec City

Data: Québec International, 2016

  • 8306 jobs

    5911 direct jobs

  • 112


  • $1.5B

    in sales

  • 19

    Research and development centres


Innovating means that you need skilled people, available resources and an environment that fosters new ideas. All of this can be found in the Québec City region! How about that?

To tell you more about it:

  • Alain Laboissonnière, Senior Director of Operations, Olympus NDT Canada
  • Michel Lessard, President and CEO, Festo Didactique

Overview of Québec City’s optics-photonics industry

Learn more about the potential of optics-photonics innovation in this video, which features:

  • Frédéric Grandmont, Technology and Business Development Manager, ABB 
  • Marco St-Pierre, Vice-President, Technology Division, Ametek / Creaform

World players established in the Québec City region

For more than half a century, Québec City has been attracting the brains, creators and companies that are masters of the use of light. Its reputation for excellence is fertile ground for establishing leaders and innovative SMEs. Here are some examples:

Expertise in research and technology

Electronics and optics-photonics are constantly-evolving fields. The various expertise in Québec City that populates this sector focuses primarily on new technology research and development, including the following:

  • Non-destructive tests
  • 3D scanning solutions
  • Fibreoptics and fibreoptic sensors
  • Fibre laser
  • Vision systems
  • Spectroscopy
  • Remote sensing

State-of-the-art research centres

As you probably know, research is a major driver in optics-photonics advances. As a hub of development and innovation in the field, Québec City is home to several major research centres.

Here are the most significant ones: 

  • Institut national d’optique (INO) 
  • Centre d’optique, photonique et laser (COPL) 
  • CERVO Brain Research Centre
  • Defence Research and Development Canada Valcartier (DRDC Valcartier)

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