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We may not have the most extensive garden, but we spend the time and resources needed to ensure that it flourishes. Infrastructures, green energy, telecommunications, transportation and open markets: The Québec City area has everything you’re looking for. But it also has much more. Here, we embrace diversity because this diversity pushes us forward. The Québec City area has always been a fundamentally welcoming place for individuals and businesses alike, as well as being an excellent springboard to international opportunities.

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Infrastructures and spaces to succeed

A well-connected region

Gaining a competitive edge in business requires strong resolve and considerable audacity. Fortunately, the Québec City area has plenty of both. Turning the size of our city to our advantage, we show finesse and flexibility, qualities that appeal to entrepreneurs and encourage business leaders to set up operations here.

Transportation infrastructures

The Québec City area provides businesses with an efficient intermodal network that includes road, rail, air and water transportation. This allows for greater flexibility, helping businesses find a transportation solution that meets their needs and abilities.

  • Air transportation
    • More than 350 direct flights per week
    • 1.6 million passengers
  • Rail transportation
    • 2 railway stations
    • 4 marshalling stations
  • Water transportation
    • Commercial relationships with more than 60 countries
    • 4 port areas
  • Road transportation
    • 4,500 km of roads
    • 2 transhipment centres
roads and parks

Impressive Spaces and Costs

Not only does the area have a wide range of spaces adapted to businesses’ industrial, technological and office space needs, it also offers a premium choice of locations. In addition, both spaces and energy are affordable. Here, we meet your needs.

  • Over 40 zone and parks in the Québec metropolitan region

    Industrial parks totalling 470M ft2, technology parks totalling close to 30M ft2, and that, without counting several industrial zones and parks located in the surrounding areas

  • Commercial rental prices among the lowest in Canada

    The Québec City area has a balanced market in which the supply of office spaces responds to demand, preventing speculative bubbles and major variations in rental prices

  • Affordable electricity costs

    The province of Québec is a major producer of hydroelectricity. The state-owned corporation, Hydro-Québec, worldwide recognized for the reliability of its transmission network, manages this resource enabling it to keep electricity rates affordable for everyone

  • Largest, fastest fibre optics network in the country

    1st in Canada for the number of high-speed Internet access points per capita, and 1st city in Canada to have Bell’s Fibe optic-to-the-home network in 2012

An open and welcoming region

Both open to others and receptive to others, the Québec City area was founded on such core values as hospitality and inclusion, while building on its relations with the rest of the world. The Québec City area recognizes that its diversity is a fantastic asset and valuable resource that sets it apart from many other cities. Each new exchange, each new actor contributes to our collective wealth.

From Québec City to the world

As part of Canada, the Québec City area is part of 50 free trade agreements (FTAs), commercial partnerships and agreements, providing our businesses with incredible access to the global market. Among these:

  • Canada-United States-Mexico Agreement (CUSMA)
  • Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)
  • Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP)

Due to its strategic location, the Québec City area is an ideal gateway to North America and a prime stepping stone towards Europe:

  • Access to a US $2,587B market within 1,000 km
  • $8.4B in exports in 2014

From the world to Québec City

In addition to its competitive advantages, the Québec City area offers foreign investors a new way of doing business. Here, they will find specialized infrastructures, networks of partners and proximity to the area’s key players.

The area attracts many highly qualified foreign workers. They are highly coveted talents and choice candidates for key positions.

  • 225

    foreign subsidiaries in the region and growing

  • $9.1B

    for 150 projects of foreign investment between 2009 and 2016

  • 3,000

    immigrants annually for the past 10 years

  • #1

    in Canada for immigrant labour market integration

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