Video Games and Digital Creativity—Québec City, a Leading Creative Hub

Are you curious about what can be accomplished by combining creativity and technology? Video games, immersive experiences, animation... the Québec City region’s techno-creative industry is a great example of how dynamic and full of possibilities digital art can be.

This sector has sustained incredible growth over the past 20 years and is now a major economic growth driver in the region. Many studios start up here, building on expertise learned from the region’s biggest players and quality training programs.

Find out why Québec City is the ideal place to bring the techno-creative environment even further.

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Techno-Creativity in the Québec City Region—Key Numbers

Source: Québec International, 2018

  • 3,600

    jobs (including 2,235 direct jobs)

  • 87


  • $170 million

    in revenue


Because the video game industry is growing and talents are key, you need an environment that is adapted to the reality of studios and workers. The Québec City region is in a class of its own! How about that?

To tell you more about it:

  • Thomas Wilson, Co-Sutdio Head and Creative Director, Activision / Beenox
  • Marc-Alexis Côté, Executive Producer, Ubisoft

L’industrie technocréative de Québec en vidéo

Discover entrepreneurs who were able to push the boundaries of technology, find new applications for it and set themselves apart on the international scene. Find out why the Québec City region was the ideal place for them to start their adventure.

  • Marc Boutet, President, De Marque
  • Vincent Routhier, President, Lü – Interactive Playground

Recognized Expertise That Spreads Seeds

How has the Québec City region reached such a high status on the global scene? Our engineers and programmers have gained a reputation for being very highly skilled thanks to our many cutting-edge college and university programs. This helps us maintain a high level of competitiveness against the world’s largest players. Moreover, collaboration is at the core of the region’s ecosystem: major stakeholders support and coach the next generation through various programs, paving the way for new independent studios.

Main Fields of Expertise

  • Animation
  • Special effects
  • Video games
  • 3D environment
  • Immersive experiences
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Pre-production and post-production

Major Businesses Have Chosen Québec City

Many young studios and major players who are active on the international scene have chosen Québec City as a stepping stone to create and grow. Meet some of the businesses that chose the Québec City region.

Major Players

Independant Video Game Studios

Specialized Workers

Of course, workers are essential for techno-creative businesses to innovate and set themselves apart. On that front, Québec City is very fortunate. Our talented workers were trained in renowned educational and vocational training establishments whose programs are aligned with the growth challenges experienced by local businesses.

  • Université Laval
    • Certificate and bachelor’s degree in arts and science of animation (undergraduate level)
    • Bachelor’s degree in visual and media arts
    • Master’s degree in visual arts (with thesis)
    • Bachelor’s degree in software engineering (with specialization in video games)
    • Certificate, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctor’s degree in computer science
    • Bachelor’s degree in graphic design
  • Cégep Limoilou
    • Technical program in 3D animation and image synthesis
    • Technical program in computer science
    • Attestation of collegial studies in computer-aided design and drafting (CADD)
    • Attestation of collegial studies in 3D art
    • Attestation of collegial studies in interactive media production
    • Attestation of collegial studies in video game design
  • Cégep Garneau
    • Technical program in computer science—Web and mobile applications
  • Cégep de Sainte-Foy
    • Technical program in multimedia integration—Web and applications
    • Technical program in computer science—Web, mobile and video game programming
    • Technical program in graphic design
  • Collège Bart
    • Technical program in graphic and motion design
    • Technical program in 3D animation
    • Attestation of collegial studies in visual effects (VFX)
    • Attestation of collegial studies in new media 3D animation
    • Attestation of collegial studies in video game programming
  • Collège O’Sullivan
    • Technical program in 3D animation and image synthesis
    • Technical program in computer science
  • CDI College – Québec
    • Attestation of collegial studies in 3D modeling animation art & design
    • Attestation of collegial studies in graphic design
    • Attestation of collegial studies in Web design
  • Campus Notre-Dame-de-Foy
    • Technical program in professional music and song techniques
    • Attestation of collegial studies in music composition and audio-to-image techniques
    • Attestation of collegial studies in recording and public address systems

Major Events That Bring People Closer

Many events take place each year in the region to bring together and inspire industry stakeholders, a clear demonstration of the collaborative spirit and quest for improvement within Québec City’s techno-creative industry. Read on to learn more about some of these key events.


    CATAPULTE is an acceleration program that provides financial support and expert coaching to startup video game studios in order to maximize the success of their first game. Already in its fifth year, the program received the Gold Excellence in Economic Development Award in the Entrepreneurship category by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC).

  • Semaine numériQC

    The first French-speaking digital event in America, the Semaine numériQC attracts each year around 15,000 participants from all over the world. With a wide array of activities spread over the course of 11 days, it has become a key event in the field of technology and the Web thanks to the digital trends showcased, its laid-back atmosphere and the festive setting it provides for networking.

Major Regional Achievements

Discover some of the greatest international achievements realized, in whole or in part, by businesses from the greater Québec City region.

In video games

  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (Ubisoft Québec)
  • Borderlands 3 (Gearbox Software)
  • Build-A-Bearville (Frima)
  • Combat of Giants (Ubisoft Québec)
  • Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled (Beenox/Activision)
  • Divinity: Original Sin 2 (Larian Studios)
  • Foundation (Polymorph Games)
  • Grey's Anatomy (Longtail Studios, now merged into Ubisoft Québec)
  • Just Shapes & Beats (Berzerk Studio)
  • Light Fall (Bishop Games)
  • Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands (Ubisoft Québec)
  • Spider-Man 3 (Beenox/Activision)
  • The Incredibles (Beenox/Activision)
  • The Messenger (Sabotage Studio)

In special effects, immersive experiences and animation

  • Cracké (Squeeze Studio Animation)
  • Game of Thrones seasons 4+ (Rodeo FX)
  • L’Agent Jean (Happy Camper Média)
  • The Library at Night (Ex Machina)
  • Glacial Reality (Studio Element)
  • Lü – Interactive Playground (Lü)
  • Nelly et Simon : Mission Yéti (10th Ave Productions)
  • Stranger Things 3 & 4 (Rodeo FX)

The Québec EPIX Sectoral Cluster

Are you looking to collaborate with stakeholders from the greater Québec City region’s techno-creative sector? The Québec EPIX industry cluster is the ideal partner!

This sectoral cluster brings together people from the fields of video games, animation, special effects, and immersive and multimedia environment design who strive to create remarkable results. Through various projects and activities, Québec EPIX offers businesses of all sizes the opportunity to:

  • work on shared issues;
  • share resources;
  • develop strategic skills;
  • develop new markets; and
  • showcase their expertise.

Eager to learn more? Visit Québec EPIX’s website.

The Incubator and Accelerator LE CAMP

The incubator and accelerator LE CAMP, a full-fledged entity of Québec International, has only one goal in mind: helping you reach new heights! Supporting technology business growth, its activities span three areas: a 12-month incubation program, various types of coaching and support, and events and activities. By promoting networking among campers and strategic partners, LE CAMP galvanizes the whole entrepreneurship ecosystem of Québec City.

Learn about LE CAMP and all its services on its website!

Publications in Techno-Creativity

Eager to learn more about techno-creativity in the Québec City region? Make sure to check out our publications on the subject!

  • Techno Creativity in Video Games, Animation and Immersive Experiences Fact Sheet

    This fact sheet introduces you to the technocreativity industry in the Québec City region. It was created by Québec International and provides an overview of this ecosystem.

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