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Economic Report and Outlooks 2016-2017 for the Québec City CMA

This study provides a picture of the key economic indicators for evaluating the region’s performance. It takes an objective look at the results achieved in 2016 and those expected in 2017 and the coming years. The study also makes it possible to compare the evolution of a number of economic regional variables with those in other Canadian metropolitan regions.

Over the past several years, the Québec City CMA has positioned itself very positively. It is currently one of the fastest-growing regions in Canada. In particular, it has bolstered the expansion of cutting-edge sectors, supported the integration of research and innovation into its companies, encouraged its manufacturing industry to focus on value-added goods and stimulated private real estate investments.

These actions have had a positive impact on economic indicators and allowed the region to stay strong in the face of various structural and cyclical constraints of the past several years.

With a real GDP of $34.6 billion in 2016—representing a 1.6% growth from 2015—Québec City has recorded a 25th consecutive year of growth. This is the longest period of growth ever observed among the major CMAs in Canada. Québec City’s enviable status has contributed to the region’s economic growth and appeal on a national and international scale.