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Hydroserre acquires 3.5 hectares of greenhouses in Portneuf

The Quebec agriculture production company Hydroserre acquired a greenhouse complex of 3.5 hectares in Portneuf, in the Capitale-Nationale region, for greenhouse lettuce production.

Original Article (French only) : La Presse Canadienne

The complex will be adapted throughout the coming months, and lettuce production will begin in 2021.

Hydroserre is therefore starting its second expansion of 2020. The company had bought Serres Lefort in Sainte-Clotilde, Montérégie in March.

President and CEO of Hydroserre Sylvain Terrault maintains that this acquisition will enable the company to meet the ever-increasing demand for fresh vegetables produced in Quebec.

Hydroserre produces organic lettuces, cucumbers, mini cucumbers, and peppers in its four greenhouse complexes in the province. Its products are sold under the Mirabel and VÔG brands.