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Lead your manufacturing business into the fourth industrial revolution

Do making the digital shift and integrating new technologies in your factory seem expensive, complex, and little suited to your environment? What if modernizing your business was simpler than you thought? Québec City’s Industrial Expertise Centre offers free, customized and unbiased guidance to help you face your labour challenges and optimize your productivity and competitiveness!

Discover our free support programs for businesses who want to make a digital shift or a migration to the 4.0 industry.

Digital Shift

"Small steps that coul take you far!"

Are you running a business and starting to consider making the digital shift? Is your experience in the matter limited or nonexistent? Is lack of time an issue, so you are looking for new ways to improve efficiency, quickly? Integrating digital processes in some of your tasks may help you deal with those challenges!

4 simple steps

  1. Analysis of your industry by our experts (meeting at the premises, visit of the facilities, diagnostic report).
  2. Definition of a digital strategy to increase your productivity.
  3. Identification of the projects to be done, including short-term outcomes and search for funding.
  4. Implementation and follow-up on the digital solution (support in technology integration and troubleshooting).

We stay up to date with the technology available in your area, which means that we can quickly suggest the best technology for you as well as a tangible solution to your growth challenges.

Industry 4.0

"Towards a better-performing business that is also more appealing to the next generation!"

Are you already well established in your sector and now facing new challenges to stay ahead of the competition? Are new workers hard to find and vacant positions increasingly difficult to fill? New methods are available to help you rethink your practices by automating repetitive tasks.

6 simple steps

  1. Analysis of your industry by our experts (meeting at the premises, visit of the facilities, diagnostic report).
  2. Strategic planning (evaluation of your situation and business goals).
  3. Industry 4.0 audit conducted on your business (fees are eligible for a government subsidy).
  4. Development of a digital plan (support in clarifying your goals and action plan).
  5. Selection of projects to be done (liaison with technology experts and financial partners, as needed).
  6. Implementation and follow-up (support in technology integration and troubleshooting).

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