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Québec City Healthcare Industry Forum 2020: Special Online Edition – COVID-19

The Québec City Healthcare Industry Forum (QCHIF) will take place on December 3, 2020 and will be a half-day event for its first online edition. It is an opportunity for Québec International and the Québec VITAE cluster to reunite the major players of the industry once again to address the key challenges related to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

Consequently, this 14th edition of the QCHIF carries on the objectives of previous years: to innovate and create value. In this context, it is essential to underscore that this large-scale annual meeting aims to promote knowledge and expertise sharing between leading players of the industrial world, researchers, and healthcare network executives and leaders. It is also a privileged place of exchange for exploring new possibilities and creating the solutions of the future.

“Completely dedicated to the pandemic, the 2020 version of the QCHIF will emphasize the progressive measures put in place by the life sciences and health technologies industry since the beginning of the health crisis, to which the Québec City region has undeniably made an exceptional contribution. Québec International is as enthusiastic as ever to contribute to the organization of this Forum that, thanks to a collaborative approach and dialogue, facilitates synergies between stakeholders and participates in the attainment of concrete results in a spirit of collaboration,” said Carl Viel, President and CEO of Québec International.

Just as rich in ideas and more accessible than ever, this Forum calls on renowned experts in the field of health to look at the most recent advances and their future possibilities. Presented as a webinar in the presence of the Minister of Economy and Innovation, Pierre Fitzgibbon, with the participation of local and international, public and private sectors speakers, the QCHIF is putting forward conferences and panels, notably including:

  • Que faire en attendant le vaccin? (What to Do While Waiting for the Vaccine?)
    Presented by Arnaud Fontanet, Professor and Director of the Epidemiology of Emerging Diseases Unit, Institut Pasteur - Paris

  • Mise à jour sur la production d’un vaccin (Update on the Production of a Vaccine)
    Presented by Nicolas Petit, Vice-President, Commercial Operations, Medicago

  • Les enjeux de l’approvisionnement et de l’accès aux innovations de l’industrie de la santé (Issues of Supply and Access to Innovations in the Health Industry)
    Panel moderated by Frédéric Alberro, Quebec Director, Innovative Medicines Canada Association

    With the participation of: 
    • Ranya El-Masri, Vice-President, Public Affairs and Market Access, GSK
    • Anie Perrault, Executive Manager, BioQuébec
    • Benoît Larose, Vice-President, Medtech
    • Paul L’Archevêque, Innovation Director, Ministère de la Santé
    • Serge Rivest, Director, CHU de Québec Research Centre

  • Advancing Global Health Through Extreme Collaboration (in English)
    With the participation of Carlos Castillejos, Vice-President, External Scientific Strategies and Affairs at the Office of the Chief Scientific Officer – Johnson & Johnson

  • State of the Nation of COVID-19 Vaccines and Therapies, Diagnostics Landscape, and Innovation for the Industry at Large (in English)
    Panel presented by Mckinsey

  • Plateforme d’essais cliniques REMAP-CAP et projet CODA19 / Lac de données du CHU de Québec (REMAP-CAP Clinical Trial Platform and the CODA19/Data Lake CHU de Québec Project)
    Presented by Alexis TurgeonProfessor and Research Director of the Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Department and the Intensive Care Division – CHU Québec Research Centre – Université Laval

The QCHIF is made possible with the contribution and support of partners such as: Janssen, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bristol Myers Squibb, Innovative Medicines Canada, TACT, Ministre de l’Économie et de l’Innovation.

To view the detailed program of the Québec City Healthcare Industry Forum and register, click here.

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