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Québec International celebrates its 20th anniversary

In the presence of almost 300 guests, Québec International officially celebrated its 20th anniversary at the Québec City Convention Centre, on October 18. Two decades of guidance, attraction and advocacy. Several dignitaries and actors in the economic ecosystem attended the event, including Bruno Marchand, Mayor of Québec; Jonatan Julien, Minister responsible for Infrastructure and Minister responsible for the Capitale-Nationale Region; Christine Fréchette, Minister of Immigration, Francization, and Inclusion; and Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of Economy, Innovation and Energy and Minister responsible for Regional Economic Development.

Québec International took the opportunity to report on the region’s economic situation over the past 20 years, a tribute to all the builders of this economic success, the dynamic business community and all those who make the Québec City region an exceptional place that is synonymous with success. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The Québec City census metropolitan area (CMA) is the 2nd largest economic hub in the province, with 848,776 residents, or 9.8% of the overall Quebec population (2022).

  • Its real GDP represents over $40B, or 10.2% of the Quebec economy, a 40.2% increase since 2002.

  • The region is attractive and open on the world. There were three times as many immigrants in 2021 as 10 years prior, an increase of over 178%.

  • The economy in the CMA is growing rapidly, with 76,000 jobs created over a 20-year period.

  • The standard of living is high, with a GDP per capita of $47,090, a 17% increase in 20 years, the 3rd highest growth in Canada.

  • From 2006 to 2022, professional jobs increased by 76.3%, the 3rd highest growth among major Canadian regions.

  • In terms of the quality of life, the average salary is $58,835, and the housing market is relatively affordable compared to the other major Canadian regions: the price of a single-family house is $370,008 (2nd rank), and the average monthly rent is $976/month (1st rank).

Click here to view the complete economic report.

“Celebrating the 20th anniversary of an organization like Québec International couldn’t have been possible without the undeniable support of our partners who are as passionate as we are about supporting and promoting our region’s economic development. The economic report that we shared is proof of that. It is a shared success that we can be proud of.” – Carl Viel, President and CEO, Québec International 

“As a central stakeholder in the local ecosystem, Québec International (QI) plays an important role in the region’s growth, in addition to having an impressive record in attracting jobs and investments. By guiding businesses as they grow, QI is contributing to regional economic development and participating in the transition to a more inclusive, more innovative economy. QI is also an important partner to the government, which is why we have been supporting its efforts since it began. Congratulations to Québec International on 20 successful years!” - The Honourable Soraya Martinez Ferrada, Member of Parliament for Hochelaga, Minister of Tourism and Minister responsible for CED

“Today, Québec International celebrates its 20th anniversary with the satisfaction of having contributed to Québec City’s economic transformation and international influence. Québec International plays a leading role in attracting international workers and students to help local employers recruit the talent they need. I would like to thank Carl Viel and the entire team at Québec International for your vision, dedication and hard work in making Québec City an important global leader in economic development.” - The Honourable Jean-Yves Duclos, MP for Québec and minister of Public Services and Procurement 

“Over the years, the prospecting work done by Québec International contributed to the remarkable increase of foreign direct investment in Quebec. This investment is essential to promote innovation, competitiveness and economic growth in the Capitale-Nationale region. I wish Québec International a good continuation. Your success contributes to the success of the whole province.” – Pierre Fitzgibbon, Minister of Economy and Innovation and Minister Responsible for Regional Economic Development

“By celebrating Québec International’s 20th anniversary, we mark two decades of opportunities, innovation and integration. Your commitment to economic development opened the doors for thousands of talented immigrants. Their successful integration into our businesses, in a French-speaking environment, is the reflection of your engagement. As the Minister of Immigration, Francization and Integration, I am proud to be celebrating this collective success with you! Together, we continue to build a future where each talent can find their place in our thriving economy.” – Christine Fréchette, Minister of Immigration, Francization, and Inclusion

“My warmest congratulations to Québec International which, for the past 20 years, has been striving to showcase the Capitale-Nationale region here and in several regions around the world. The organization’s economic results reflect the success and vision of its President and CEO, Carl Viel. Thank you to the whole team for contributing to our region’s economic prosperity and quality of life.” – Jonatan Julien, Minister responsible for Infrastructure and Minister responsible for the Capitale-Nationale Region

“Québec International marks 20 years of economic development, 20 years of looking further ahead, and 20 years of thinking about our collective future. When I think about all the businesses that make us proud locally and around the globe, I think that QI’s genius is a big part of all these incredible successes. QI is an economic window on the world, as well as a creator of opportunities. But more importantly, we can be proud to have a reputable organization like this one working to enhance our economic standing. QI is also the result of Carl Viel’s legendary know-how, who has been building the welfare of our regional economic hub for the past 15 years. Thank you, Carl. And thank you, QI.” – Bruno Marchand, Mayor of Québec City

“I would like to thank the many partners, financial backers, my colleagues on the board of directors, the employees and the stakeholders who gravitate around Québec International and have played a key role in our success over the past 20 years. The collaboration and alignment of all these people allow our organization to support the region’s social and economic life, and we can be proud of the progress we have made.” – Andy Sheldon, President of the Board of Directors, Québec International 

 Facts and figures on QI

  • PÔLE Québec Chaudière-Appalaches was founded in 2003 and officially became Québec International in 2010, after a long reflection to clarify the organization’s mission, mandates and business lines.

  • Carl Viel became QI’s president and CEO on August 25, 2008.

  • The Incubator and Accelerator LE CAMP was officially opened in 2015.

  • QI accompanied over 800 businesses in the region during the COVID-19 crisis, with support from Canada Economic Development as part of the Regional Relief and Recovery Fund.

  • From 2008 to 2022, QI contributed to $5.7B in economic benefits, attracted 27,450 newcomers, created or safeguarded 9,040 jobs and received over 100 awards and recognitions.

Thank you to our partners who made the event possible: Systematix, Bell, the Québec City Convention Centre, Groupe Dallaire Inc., Alstom, TACT, iFX Productions, Mirego, Sig_mund, and Radio-Canada.

To meet part of the team behind these great achievements and discover how we can accompany you in your business projects, (re)watch the video presented at the event.  (Only in french).