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Québec International presents its 2014 annual report

We are pleased to present its 2014 annual report. The report describes our efforts throughout the year to develop and export the region’s know-how, attract talent and investments and promote the region nationally and internationally.

Today, the Québec City area displays industrial diversity capable of sustaining its growth and the competitiveness of its companies on the world stage. With 5,200 new jobs, the region distinguished itself as the most important creator of employment in Québec during 2014. In addition, the region produced a record breaking $1.1B. These were both contributing factors to a 2% increase in GDP.

Thumbnail-Highlights2014-234-281px.jpgWith $153M in economic benefits, it is safe to say that these efforts have paid off. In particular, we helped attract $57M in foreign investments to the region over the course of 2014. Our support services for technology entrepreneurs and initiatives fostering innovation also generated over $19M in real and potential investments. Moreover, we contributed to the recruitment of 220 foreign workers, which lead to $26M in economic benefits. With regards to assisting local businesses in international markets, our efforts helped these businesses to earn $51M in sales over 12 to 18 months. Thus, each dollar invested by our public partners has led to $30 in benefits for the region and its companies.

As a regional economic development agency, we are proud to contribute to the economic success of the Québec City metropolitan area together with our numerous partners and the unwavering support of our backers. We would like to thank them for their trust and collaboration throughout the entire year. Likewise, we would like to sincerely thank the members of our board of directors and congratulate the entire team at Québec International for the quality of their work. Québec International will maintain its efforts so that the talent, ambition and drive of the region’s entrepreneurs and researchers may continue shine on the world stage.

For more information, we invite you to read Québec International: 2014 Annual Report Highlights atwww.quebecinternational.ca/highlights2014.

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