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Sea of Stars: The most successful fundraising campaign for a Canadian video game

Even though its launch isn’t planned until 2022, the new Sabotage Studio video game Sea of Stars is already generating buzz. The fundraising campaign launched by the Québec City studio has raised nine times more than its objective. The young company that made itself known in 2018 with its first success, The Messenger, has affirmed that this Kickstarter campaign has been “the most successful for a Canadian video game.”

Original Article (French only) : Le Soleil

“It’s a dream in the middle of a nightmare. Some people have written to tell us that the campaign and all its ads are helping take their minds off things. Our vocation being to entertain, everything takes on a new meaning in times of crisis,” said Thierry Boulanger, President and Creative Director of Sabotage Studio.

Given the buzz created by the new Quebec creation, Boulanger considers it “unreal” to see how much the community has given the studio “the means to [achieve its] ambitions.” “We intend to pursue our activities with our virtual community on Discord, even more intensively, at least until we get back to normal. Our community has always enjoyed an exceptionally healthy environment compared to the average online salon. Seeing it grow and help so many people escape and share their anxieties is an added incentive to continue our project.”

Moreover, the last additional objective of the Sabotage Studio campaign, offering a free extension to contributors, was reached even before being announced, mentioned in a press release distributed on Thursday.

The launch of Sea of Stars should have taken place in San Francisco during the annual Game Developers Conference. Due to the worldwide pandemic, it took place via videoconference instead in March.

Sea of Stars, which should come out in 2022, tells the story of two children of Solstice and focuses on battles and exploration, explain the creators.

The Kickstarter campaign is continuing until April 18. To participate, click here.